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Hey there. I've recently seen Flugente's increased team size topic and I thought that imroved battle AI of enemies and controllable militia units would be a great addition to this feature. As we know the feature makes able to support up to 512 enemy units and militiamen at the same time. In my opinion improved AI could make such massive fights more challenging and I'm not talking about single unit's behavior changes, but about changing behavior of entire enemy and militia squads. For example it would be great to replace one single massive counter-attack on liberated towns with typical wave-rush tactic. It'd seem something like that. The first wave is typical cannon-fodder units with pistols, SMG's, MP's and pumpguns who can barely perform full scaled assault, but they can make our units waste their precious ammo ( this is more than topical for machinegunners ) and take down some militiamen. The second one is the same. During the third wave we'd face some more able competition with AR's, MG's and such. Fourth wave is a cannon-fodder wave too. And finally, fifth and the last wave when our exhausted mercs and militiamen meet elite units. Aslo It'd be great to see full-scaled defence of enemy towns If enemy is alerted. For example if we alert any unit in a neigbouring to a town sector and they report about encounter by radio we'd face heavy resistance during assault of a town. After we alert an enemy unit 3-ingame-hour timer goes off and when the time have passed it goes-off, all the buildings in a town fills by enemy machinegunners, assault troopers and snipers and anti-personals mines spawn almost all around a sector. If we get into a town before the timer goes off, nothing happens. Now about controlable militia. I'm offering to split all the militiamen into squads and assign controlable squadleaders in order to make defense/assault co-ordination more comfortablle and painless. Another squad members are out of our direct control, but their follow their squadleaders and copy their behavior ( sit/lay/steath/run/etc. ).

P.S About improved defence AI... Crowded in buildings enemy could be a very easy target for our mortarmen and AT-soldiers so it'd be reasonable to split them somehow more smart or add extra sandbags ( if possible ) and provide every single enemy unit with gasmasks.

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