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Battle Brothers just recently made it to early access on steam. Its like JA - turn based but with melee combat. You run a band of mercenaries in the medieval world. Oh and youll have to deal with the fantasy elements (vampires, goblins etc.) . . but even they arent overdone (by which i mean they arent arcadey). So u pay the mercs, provide them with gear, there is a strategy map in which ur party moves around. Id say this guy owes JA devs some royalty!!!

You can play the free combat demo btw on the site. I think ull love it . . the best thing I like so far is the different mechanics for each weapon and MORALE!! . . im a big fan of suppression, flanking and morale (well suppression isnt really in here but the other two are). As far as weapons go the best one I liked is the spear. A guy with the spear can end his turn with a stance and can then puncture and stop anyone who tries to get in close . . cause this is SPARTAAAAAA!! OK?? . . . ok.
Then blunt weapons do stun damage which stuns the enemy . .guess what advantage that gets you.
Play it then see if we can tell wannabe JA 3 makers that THAT is how u make a merc-running, enemy-flanking, meaningful-equipment-equiping, turn-based game. let me know asap ppl. Long live 1.13!!
those who cant buy early access or dont want to please try the battle demo . .after all thats whats got me hooked.

Edit : I run this exercise every couple of years on different forums . . just want to confirm if the answer is still no on May 2015. The question is - is there a game like jagged alliance except for :-
1.) the xcoms series
2.) fallout tactics
3.) Xenaunauts
2.) Silent Storm
4.) Brigade 7.62 high caliber (I like this the most - not turn based btw. Just the best game ever made. or maybe the second best ;-))
5.) Expeditions- conquistadors.
(Also by game I meant a good game . .cold contract dosnt exactly qualify)

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In answer to your question:

1. Temple of Elemental Evil with the Circle of 8 mod:


2. The close combat series definitely deserves mention:


I find the graphics blinding on my current monitor which has a somewhat limited range of workable resolutions, but once upon a time with a laptop or something along those lines I played the HECK! out of that game. Nice Line of sight system and morale system. The maps are kind of 'trick' in that it is all kind of 'pre-set' and there is a "right and wrong" way to do any given map, but nonethless can be a lot of fun for a couple playthroughs.

3. Of course, you probably know about "Arma" and to me it comes close to be "like" JA, but in particular there was a mod called "Lost" for Arma 2 that allowed you to go from a lone refugee soldier lost behind enemy lines to a country-conquesting warlord. The guy who made it dropped off the radar at the Arma forums and I found that the final versions of his mod were a bit bugged and never played with any version past 5.13. Hell, the mod might not even still be available to dl, but if you can get it with an full Arma II install, it is EXCELLENT! and very much as the feeling of JA, although with much better graphics and a first person interface. I cannot recall if it was a second mod I had installed, but there was a way to move your command around to all your squad members switching them from AI control (under your command and following your general directives) to being "you" so you could basically control a squad just about like you do in a game like JA.

4. Bit more of a stretch given it is really more of an "operational" scale (though it plays tactically really), and worth mention given it is old, heavily modded, and very cheap: Panzer Generals II.

5. For a kind of "Medieval builder" squad based tactical game, the Stronghold series is worth getting into. I cannot get the latest one Stronghold HD to play on my monitor yet, though I haven't tried very hard. The preceding one before HD was quite good.

6. A cheapy new game, that might (hopefully) get expanded and elaborated: Vietnam 65. Hardly the depth of JA (basically just a bare minimum game at this point) but for $10 and given it clearly has the potential to sit in the position of bridge between tactical/operational/strategic modern warfare might be worth a look. It is on Steam and if memory serves there is a demo. I only played it for about 20 or 30 hours before I "figured it out" and expended its interest for me, but it wasn't a bad purchase. Hopefully the guys making it will expand on it.
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It mostly got panned but i really enjoy Hired Guns: Jagged Edge the graphics and interface are nice with a ton of weapons, it seems unfinished but will give you hours of fun in the spirit of JA.
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Here is a link to that "Lost" mod I was talking about. Made by a guy called "markb50k."


I will have to second Hired Guns. Really good IMO, I loved it, and if it hadn't been for that one I would've never bothered with Jagged Edge games at all. As it was, it took me quite a while to get past the more primitive graphics in JA2 v1.13. Hired Guns had its flaws, but on the whole it was a very good game.

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