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enemies ignoring shots, not moving[message #341936] Sun, 02 August 2015 22:08

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Scenario: Assaulting Drassen airport & bombed airport on Expert difficulty (I said Experienced before, got the names mixed up) with 1.13 & AIMNAS. 8-9 mercs (3 IMP) vs 40-70 enemies in each battle (after reinforcements arrived). 2-5 days in.

At the Drassen Airport, about 10-20 enemies were stopped in mid-run in the middle of the light pools from the lampposts. I assaulted the airport twice on separate nights because the enemy retook it while I was elsewhere in Drassen, and this happened both times. My second assault, there were 4-5 enemies next to the front gate (standing, rather than in mid-run). In both cases they all just stayed there and didn't move, even when I shot at them. Other enemies were still mobile and acted normally, running right past them to shoot at me. But the immobile ones ignored me unless I got close enough for them to see me.

At the bombed-out airport, I've killed the original 10 defenders just as the 45-50 reinforcements arrived. I set up on a rooftop at the north end of the map, the reinforcements came from the south (the Mine). They're all just walking patrols and completely ignore me when I shoot at them, even with my loudest rifles (85), shotguns (75), and auto fire. The only ones who attacked me were ones that saw me while walking nearby, but even the ones nearby just across the road didn't respond when I shot at them unless they actually saw me.

Any ideas what's going on?

Edit: New fight, defending the mine - All enemies were moving fine yesterday, and now today after I load the game back up, half of them have stopped. Only 25-30 enemies this time, 8 mercs. Picking off frozen troops was all right when I had 7:1 against me, now getting a bit tedious with 3:1 ratio.

P.S. Why can't I train militia? I'm holding 3 Drassen sectors with 77% loyalty, and up until just now I've had more than enough money. The option in the train menu is greyed out for all my mercs, even Bob, Ira, and my IMP leader. Volunteers are turned on, but when I talk to civilians who sound eager to fight, they don't turn into volunteers. This is my first playthrough of 1.13 or AIMNAS, although I've played 1.07 vanilla quite a lot. Edit: I've gotten the regular Militia menu to be available once I took the mine, but it just tells me I can't train any more *mobile* militia.

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