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TL;DR - I'm working on a patch to change the merc assignments enum to a bitmask. This will simplify many areas of the code where it makes checks like "assignment == PATIENT || assignment == DOCTOR || assignment == HOSPITAL" to something like "assignment & HEAL".

So I managed to get my mercs to the hospital, but now they are so disease-ridden that they're still bleeding to death, losing 3-4 health per hour. I don't have enough loyalty yet to actually put them in the hospital vanilla-style, so I'm using the facility assignment. For some reason, whenever the disease knocks them below 15, they become completely unbandaged. This means I'd have to sit in tactical view for every single hour change and autobandage, because they'll bleed out before I can stop time compression. Stepping through the code a few times looking for how to make them keep their bandages while on a healing-related assignment, I noticed that the facility bonus for hospital patients isn't being applied. I think the problem is that the code sets assignment = PATIENT in what appears to be an attempt to ensure the merc gets some of those bonuses, but that causes it to always fail the check later where it sets the facility bonus. So rather than search through for every instance of PATIENT and add yet another "|| assignment == FAC_PATIENT" and take out the case FAC_PATIENT: set(assigment, PATIENT) line, and hope there aren't other similar problems, I decided a bitmask would suit the assignments much better. Looking at the existing enum, there is ample opportunity to make good use of this since the addition of facilities, snitches, and propaganda, to name a few.

Since I've got a busy weekend, I'll probably get it done next week. The switch cases are the hardest to translate, but I think it's worth it. I defined a few macros to make the bitwise comparisons much easier.

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I see a few issues with that:
  • A merc can only ever be on one assignment at any given moment. Thus your bitmask will only ever have one value set. Thus storing the assignment via enum is much, much more effectively - a UINT8 enum can thus be used for 256 assignments, while a UINT8 bitmask only works for 8 assignments.
  • We have way more assignments than can fit into a UINT32 bitmask ( I think we've already passed 64 too). Thus you need a very big bitmask to store it.
  • This change would require a new variable, and thus modifications to saving/loading SOLDIERTYPE from savegames. Not that much of an issue, but be sure to do that.
  • The way I understand you, the only gain is that you can define
    and then do
    assignmentflag & FLAG_PATIENT_ASSIGNMENT_ALL
    It would be about the same effort to do, say,
    #define IS_PATIENT(x)     (x == PATIENT || x = FAC_PATIENT)
    and then
    , and that wouldn't require the above changes.

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Registered:June 2015
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Ahh... In my haste, I forgot that I was using 32 bits instead of 8. Derp. Well I had fun with it while it lasted. I'll switch to the other approach you mentioned.
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Just about there... Now I added three new assignments, FACILITY_DOCTOR, FACILITY_PATIENT, and FACILITY_REPAIR. To preserve savegames, I put a conversion in. Fortunately text strings were just copy/paste and no new translations needed.
I found 3-4 possible existing bugs along the way, too... I'll call them out when I upload a diff/patch file. Doing some testing Monday (happy Labor day!) should hopefully be it.
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committed to svn development trunk

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