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Makeshift Bandages:
Ever been in a fight where a merc's been wounded, and you win only to find nobody remembered to pack meds? The idea behind this is essentially that you can sacrifice armour/clothing/LBE gear to fully bandage a merc; Items like Camo helmet covers, underarmour shirts, leggings and to an extent, vests, could each be ripped into for bandage material.
In the case of vests/leggings, the % condition damage done to the item would be directly proportional to the number of points needed to be bandaged, while clothing/camo/LBE would each only be able to bandage a certain amount of health and would be irreversibly destroyed in the process.

Field interrogation:
If you have an enemy soldier at your mercy (ie you've handcuffed them), you can interrogate them for the positions of their squadmates. The number of positions they reveal and the accuracy with which they're displayed would be dependent on the prisoner's level and the traits/stats of the merc interrogating them. Eg, your fresh IMP wouldn't be able to get anything out of a blackshirt, where someone like Magic would have them spill all the beans.

PoW mechanics:
I have a couple problems with the way taking prisoners and being taken prisoner works - I understand these suggestions might not be entirely possible due to engine limitations, but here goes anyway:
So when you're taking prisoners, why would an enemy who's just about to walk off the map give themselves in because their friend got captured on the other side? Demanding surrender of enemies would ideally only have ones within a certain radius comply, taking their force strength into account within a larger radius - so if you have 20 mercs demanding that a lone enemy surrender, he would despite there being 40 blackshirts on the other side of the map.
So, in this case, since there are still enemies on the map this enemy would essentially be handcuffed as far as the game's concerned, with the caveat that enemy troops entering within a certain (small) radius of him would allow him to get back up, unless you actually did cuff them.
Any troops who surrender would only be taken off the map if the battle is won. This would facilitate the field interrogation idea too.

Now with regards to the way Merc PoWs work; Sometimes during a battle, all your mercs will be incapacitated. At this point, it'd be cool if the enemy initiated the "surrender" dialogue, rather than when combat starts, as more often than not you won't have the opportunity to offer surrender when it would otherwise be the most viable course of action.
Also something I noticed - not sure if this has been fixed since August - if you offer surrender through dialogue, and you have a merc who's bleeding at the time, they will often die in captivity. I'd like to think their captors would at least try to keep them alive for interrogation, so it doesn't make sense they'd just be allowed to bleed out. However, captivity should not mean they're guaranteed to stay alive; Depending on the merc's stats, their condition when captured and how long they've been captive, death in captivity could still occur but over the course of a couple of weeks rather than within a couple minutes of surrendering. This would add urgency to attempting to rescue captive mercs.

Now I'm definitely getting optimistic; rather than being instantly teleported to a prison, you'd be able to intercept the enemy squad delivering them, or even return to the sector they surrendered in and rescue them before they're moved. When in transit, they'd be escorted by heavily armed blackshirts, while in the sector its self it'd just be whatever enemies captured them in the first place.
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Sorry for another 3-year bump, but I still stand by these suggestions assuming they're technically feasible.
The main thing I'd be concerned with is preventing captured mercs from bleeding out.
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