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Ever had to pop a smoke grenade and make a run for it? Me, more times than I'd like to recollect.

Assault squad, 8 mercs. Plenty of riflemen, one sniper, two machinegunners. "There's no way we're not taking this sector."
Clean and easy, at least until enemy reinforcements arrive. A tsunami of redshirts from the woods with elites backing them up from a distance.

"We're out of explosives!"
"MG's running low!"

It eventually happens. Out comes the mustard gas and smoke. Nope, not enough. Half the squad provides cover fire while the other half slowly pulls back. We're all running if there's enough smoke cover. Someone usually ends up getting sacrificed to keep the flood of enemies occupied while everyone else edges to safety. Bap, snipers start going for the legs. Someone falls and gets left behind.

No time to regroup and form a counter-attack. Retreat, retreat!
Morale is holding, barely. Wounds get patched, LBE gets restocked. It's night. Time for a new offensive.

1.13: Install JA2, unpack latest, play.
AIMNAS: Complete 1.13 installation, Download ZIP and unpack, play.

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i have two snipers at team,light sniper with 5.56/.308 or .300 rifle,heaway sniper with .50bmg or .50 russiant anti material sniper,it is simple these can easily penatrate walls,no one can hide... rest of team get short range ar or pdw.. smoke grenades are last resort option.. ak with drum magazine is perfect choice

caliber's: .41Lc,.45Lc,.455british,.380[9x17].410 . not in game at this time ...Dr Zelenka can help you ;o}R.M SgAmb asrock a75m amd x6 3670be 4gb ram hdd 1tbb sgt,zvuk creative x-fi extreme audio case z-7
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Remember how I used to do that!
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