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Just out of curiosity I'd like to know how you usually distribute your attribute points and traits on your main I.M.P..
This topic is not about how to most efficiently distributing your points to get the best result but rather from a roleplaying perspective on how it could be in real life.
You can also argue why it is like that.

To start off, this is my hitman. Not much to explain:

Background: Hitman
Character traits: Loner
Disabilities: None
Major traits: Gunfighter
Minor traits: Athletics

Attribute points
Level: 3
Health: 70
Agility: 75
Dexterity: 75
Strength: 70
Leadership: 5
Wisdom: 90
Marksmanship: 70
Mechanical: 5
Explosives: 5
Medical: 10

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Cancerman Of The Opera

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I try to change the major and minor traits depending on what the party lacks, but I always choose teaching and try to stay out of harms way with the "B squad"(rebels, locals).

I hold him back in combat as I play iron-man and treat him more as a support character that does all the talking, I imagine him as the leader that takes all the decisions and makes the plans.
If he dies its game over.

When sniper rifles becomes available I usually give him one so he can increase his marksmanship by flanking with the "B squad".

The latest IMP I made is a heavy-weapons/deputy/teaching

For background - Spotter.
Character traits - Intellectual
Disabilities - Nervous

Health -75
Agility -85
Dexterity -85
Strength -75
Leadership -20
Marksmanship -70
Mechanical -0
Explosives -0
Medical -5

Exp level -3 (due to deputy trait)

A bit off-topic maby but is ja-strongpoint.com your site btw? I have noticed it's been down for a while. Shame, it was a really great site, used it on a frequent basis.

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