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My litttle adventure of getting back in action[message #345098] Sat, 16 April 2016 12:48

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There was me sitting after deciding to play 1.13 again. Already played the stable SCI for some days, but reading of the new features watered my mouth. The jeep finally made me want to switch and try the latest unstable, that was 8156 at this moment...

But where to download and what? Three days later browsing JA1.13 related stuff and the pit I found the svn solution. I am sitting on a linux box, so installing a svn client is easy, I decided for rapidsvn because it has a gui, and after following the instructions I got... nice documents of how to make a mod. That was previsible after all the url from the instructions ended with "../Documents/". Of course there must be more, so I browsed the url of the svn server in search of the latest trunk. My browser was getting super paranoid and really really tried to not let me go to that site, but hey I what could happen there? A virus? I was thinking of a new clean install anyway. So I entered, and I found much more then expected.

The inventory of the svn is not a hidden jewel of some developers hard work, it's a whole jungle with overhelming diversity! And as it's rich it's vast and big and confusing. I found a 8156 trunk and did a checkout of it. Then standard procedure: having a clean install of JA2(*), copy & paste all the stuff, click the exe.

(*): JA2 1.01 german in my case. Do I still have to upgrade it to 1.05? I am not sure of this, but I opt for no. And what about my (simulated) OS? Does 32bit or 64bit matter?

I got the exe from depris onedrive, that was easy. But nothing happend.

After some tinkering I realised that there is stuff missing in the game directory. Mainly dlls. Also ja2_options.ini was still vanilla. I copied them from my already existing stable SCI version. It still didn't work, but at least something happend. The game started and crashed immediatly with an error output. Nice. And vanilla started up, so what did I do wrong? Back to tinkering and browsing.

And I found kermi's unstable SCIs. Why didn't I see them earlier? I downloaded the latest one (wow, it's only some hours old! i'am so near! so on the edge! really a good feeling happy ), unzipped it, and got a mess. The whole sound stuff seemed to have unpacked in the main game dir, nearly killing my file browser with its trillion of different gun oggs and wavs and gaps(**).

(**): I extracted with "7z e filename.7z". Perhaps I needed the option for exact paths? But other paths extracted well. Idk, and I didn't try.

Then I got a sudden inspiration. Kermi's SCI was called "SCI_Unstable_Revision_8156_on_2315_GameDir.7z". 2315, I have seen this before, at the svn. Finally I understood the comparision of revision and gamedir. I did a checkout on 2315, merged it with 8156 and the original stuff, added the exe. It looked perfect. And crashed just like before. But wtf! Back into search mode, I found the problem rather quick this time: as I am on a linux box and did all svn stuff and pasting with native tools this means case-sensitive folder names. I knew this from before (from 7 years ago as I just now realize!!), and moved the files accordingly. Not much of a work. And tadaa!

It works!

And it's so cool.

Sorry for this wall of text, but I just wanted to share my story happy

Now I am sitting in Drassen D13, all enemies dead, and there is a jeep. A jeep! I wanted that, actually, but how to destroy this thingie with the 9mm guns of my rookish mercs? I only found 2 grenades in the loot, and they didn't do much damage to the jeep. This is a gameplay bug imo. Unkillable enemy. Or would it flee if I set it to moveable?
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