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Yes,I forget it, but i see on my Ja2 backup directory!

Thanks the help
Best regards spaeR!
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Having trouble after a few hours of gameplay at an area with many enemies. My game freezes and then crashes back to desktop.

I've looked through several .log files and there are 2 errors that I can see.

One is missing sound files:
'Failed to open 'BATTLESNDS\bad7_hit.wav' and several more of this type (bad0_, bad1_ etc) and then there is this in game_log.log:

[215.65] : ERROR : File : vobject.cpp
Line : 967
Location : BltVideoObjectToBuffer
Video object index is larger than the number of subimages
Can anyone help me unfreeze the game?

I've played the game some more and the crash is apparently related to a section 3/4 squares right of Drasden where I've been at before and when I came back I had repeated freezing with the game where there were something like 50-60 enemies. Went out of the sector, fought in other sectors and the game hadn't repeated crashing ever since, which I'm happy for.

I hope that I don't encounter this bug again from what seems to be related to a map.

Edit #2, latest findings:

I have managed to bypass most of the bugs related to types of crashes/freezes that have to do with a particular map where the game freezes or crashes at a particular time while I'm in action by reloading a previous save after restarting the game and then going in again into the sector that previously crashed/or loading the quicksave that was in-map action. This works out well and the game doesn't crash all that much so that's good news. I can play.

What I've encountered are a few new bugs in the meanwhile that I can't bypass necessarily and some of them are game-breaking.

One of them is that the game crashes in game at 09:00 when I have time compression at 60 or 30 minutes at every new day, and I can bypass it sometimes by putting the compression to 5 minutes and by being on the move in the map screen around that time. I have noticed that this bug has possibly to do with buying a lot of new equipment from Bobby Ray's (guns/attachments, armor/camo and ammuntion) after which the game freezes/crashes at a new in-game day at around 09:00. Before the purchasing it's more stable and this particular lock-up doesn't occur at/around 09:00. This bug seems related to a certain item or items and/or exceeding a certain amount of items (something like a memory leak).

Other bug is also more a common one that I encounter whilst in combat sometimes. The AI will bug out, somehow become inactive and I'm left with a spinning mouse-icon-clock awaiting next action of the NPC which doesn't happen until I restart and reload the game. Sometimes when my soldiers are on the move whilst in action and this bug happens, when the enemy spots one of my mercs then it will unfreeze the bug (mouse will become normal again) and the game continues playing.

This bug, it happens also when I talk to Sergeant Krott with my team leader (leadership skill high +squadleader +teacher perks) in Alma. After the dialogue is done the game mouse icon turns into a spinning clock that doesn't stop spinning and I have to alt-x out of the game, which is only available option at the time. I can't use quickload, nothing else works except escaping the game (alt-x) which is unusual because usually when this type of freezing or locking behavior in game happens, quickload function is available and so when the game is locked and mouse icon is spinning I can sometimes try to quickload and unbug/unfreeze the game. This works rarely though, because after reloading the mouse-icon is still spinning and I have to restart the game manually, then load previous save and that lock is usually removed.

Talking to Sergeant Krott with another team member that isn't specialized in Leadership stat won't freeze the game and will make him leave "normally" because it won't prompt me the surrender/save his life quest neither, because he will just leave saying he'll do a good word for me, so ultimately not talking with the squad-lead I don't know how this impacts the storyline. So when I talk with someone with no or low leadership skill the game won't freeze, Sergeant will leave but I won't get the prompt, him asking me to save his life.

The second bug I described, about Sergeant Krott in Alma happens across multiple versions of SCI-installer which makes me think it's an AIMNAS bug that is somehow related to some (story)trigger that doesn't work properly.

Talking with General in next room works normally and aftern dealing with him talking with Sergeant will make him leave without the prompt.

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Apart from some random crashes and freezes here and there I seem to be having a problem with sector A2 (Chitzena harbor). I took the place with no problems but after holding the mine and letting sector A2 get captured before attacking to clean it up, I generally crash mid way through the fights to retake it (twice now). First crash happened for seemingly no reason during my first recapture, second one happens during the second recapture whenever I spot or get spotted by a green shirt near the ACA building and is always repeatable in my save. I have to use cheats and kill all enemies to solve this.

There seems to be a problem with the containers inside the fenced area in the same map. If an enemy is on top of them, he can't be spotted from ground level and can barely be spotted from the nearby roofs. The rest of the roofs don't behave like that specific spot afaik.
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Hi. I downloaded new version of AIMNAS and ran into some problems. When I browse A.I.M this message shows while viewing gear (message is below). I'm sure at least Barry's and Bob's profile does this. Any help would be appreciated.
"ERROR : File : AimMembers.cpp
Line : 1595
Location : DisplayMercsInventory
Number of images in VObject [1148] is smaller than the requested index [1157]
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I have the same error. Waiting for fix.
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