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I'll start by saying I haven't coded in such a long time and have only breifly looked at the source code of this wonderful game I have been playing for almost 17 years.

On a scale of "damn hard but possible" to "*&%$ that!" how likely is it that someone can come up with a system to procedurally generate the map? I have LOVED what the MOD Squad have done with things like DL, UC and 1.13 as it adds so much as is probably the only reason why I still play this game and even now I sometimes boot up 1.13UC and have a quick campaign to see how far I can get using certain conditions (pure stealth with melee only weapons etc..) and I think something that if was possible, would just complete the replayability factor.

If not then I'll still be happy knowing there are some seriously good modders still adding content to this classic game.
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Intresting idea but for a game like ja2 i personaly wouldnt want procedural generated maps. It is like minecraft elite dangerous xcom ect the worlds/maps are the same over and over. I prefer unique crafted locations. But maby you could specify whats in your head.
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You'd need a whole heap of good map designs to go from. Check.
You'd need to analyze each map and convert their designs into a working a system which is able to replicate these designs in an intelligent manner. Not so check.

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For stable 7609, you can play:

Arulco Revisited
NightOps maps
TypeP (Ja2 Reloaded)
Urban Chaos
Deidranna Lives
Arulco Vacations
unfinished Aimnas-Bigmaps

and also some other vanilla-compatible maps from http://kermi.pp.fi/JA_2/Maps/

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I think it comes down to pathing.. getting something to build the map itself would be doable, but having it logical and without major pathing errors that would screw the AI.

someone could theoretically take cuts of good maps and have them pasted together, but then you'd have to tweak stuff so roads don't go into mountainsides and all that kinda stuff..

the more realistic option is getting multiple maps for a sector, and having many places have 2-3 alternates so depending on the game places will be different.
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The problem with procedural generation is that we'd need information on what 'tile combination' is valid and what isn't. We don't have that. The game doesn't know what belongs where - so for example, only a modder can create a house by putting walls next to each other and than slapping a roof on top. That information would need to be provided to the game, as well as a gazillion of other infos...

The best we could currently come up with would be maps with randomly generated content, which would seem like a failed crossbreed between modern art and a corrupted file. Take an existing map and juggle its tileset a bit, look at that, and then imagine it a magnitude worse.

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Yepp, you'd either need to provide the game with an absolutely staggeringly huge amount of 'blueprints' or 'building blocks' for each of the different tilesets, or rework the complete tileset system (without breaking every mod in existence, thank you very much) and still provide a metric arseton of blueprints and blocks for the game to assemble.

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