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Where to find the New Attachment System / MOLLE Guide?[message #347696] Tue, 06 December 2016 17:46 Go to next message

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I am recently helping people to re-do the IoV MOD. The IoV mod still use the OAS to deal with all the attachments. That is to say, we still use Attachment.xml to match attachment with guns, etc.

I would like to use NAS to replace this, or at least let most of attachments to be match with guns through this way. However, I feel lost after I looked at AIMNAS, UC-1.13, and the original 1.13.

It seems that AIMNAS still use OAS to deal with attachment. UC-1.13 is for sure use NAS. But if I compare file with the original 1.13, I find out many big differences. For example, two NASAttachmentClass.xml are totally different. AttachmentSlots.xml has different values even for the default slot.

I am wondering if anyone can explain the mechanism of the NAS? I do not need to know the very detailed coding, but want to basically understanding from where the program get what data, and how to link all those files with word Attachment in their names? Besides, what are those XML tags for? Some of the posts I can find here seem lost the format due to moving from old forum to this new one. So, it is quite difficult to understand without proper formatting, or event the information.

many thanks!

PS. I have checked UC-1.13 v4.5 and Arulco_Folding_Stock_v4.50_Full_20141222. I could not find Lookup/NASLayoutclass.xml. But, in stock 1.13, it does has this file. Besides, I find the values for NASLayoutclass are a lot. I assume such data must be defined in a file or so. Does anyone know where I should look into?

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Hi all!

I'm working on a mod and I'm also interested in a guide for the New Attachment System. A did find some info, but that's for the NAS beta versions, and doesn't apply to the most recent NAS implementation in the developement build. I do understand the basics of NAS, but some things I don't understand.

To be specific...I can't work out how to limit an item to only one or two attachment slots but deny it the default 4 slots. For example in Wil473's AFS mod you have a KORSAK laser which fits to the the PSO type scopes. The PSO scopes have only one attachment slot which accepts the KORSAK laser.

I've looked through the AFS XMLs: AttachmentSlots, NasAttachmentClass, NasLayoutClass... but its' really confusing and I can't work it out.

Please help. If a guide exists, a link would be really helpful!

P.S. This would also be helpful for resolving a 1.13 bug: When you attach a LAM-Flashlight Combo to a rifle, the 4 default attachments from the LAM-Flashlight overlap the slot for the Folding/Retractable Stock so the whole thing looks like a mess.

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Re: Where to find the New Attachment System / MOLLE Guide?[message #350298 is a reply to message #350231] Sun, 09 July 2017 00:16 Go to previous message

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Give me a few days, I'm sorting out some computer stuff - a starting point would be that I use a different bitmask scheme than v1.13 that is based more on "mount" types rather than types of attachments.

Briefly: PSO and RSA attachments add to a base items' bitmasks so that the bitmask representing attachment slots has the KORSAK slot and list of attachments includes the KORSAK (if not already present).

More weapon features and upgrade options, via (mis)use of v1.13 for vanilla Arulco, Dedrianna Lives! and Urban Chaos campaigns.

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