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Registered:February 2011
I discovered a way to open almost any locked door, without [crowbar/locksmith] tools.

You need to kick the door for about 100 times.
[*] Keep spamming (to click over and over) the kick door option, until open
[*] Ignore the merc's remark that it won't work, and keep spamming the kick option.
[*] IMPORTANT: Make sure to position your mouse in a way that the "open door" tip and "hand icon" shows up without having to select ctrl button.
[*] TRICK/GAME BUG: The merc will eventually run out of stamina, and will collapse. BUT, as long as you keep spamming the kick option, the mouse icon will allow you to select "open door". If you keep spamming, THE MERC WILL GET UP AND WILL CONTINUE TO KICK THE DOOR!!!
[*] So long you keep spamming "kick" the mercy will remain up and kicking, even though the stamina is 0!!!
[*] After some time, not exactly 100 times but just about, you'll see a message saying: "a person on the other side is trying to use the door" and the door will open!
[*] Open sesame...Abracadabra!

-This trick works on v1.12
-Opens almost any door
-No need to use canteens
-No need to use tools
-More space in your inventory, since there's no need for items
-Increases your merc's strength stats!!!

Pretty cool!

PS. If it also works on v1.13 please let me know.

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Registered:December 2016
Yep, been kicking my door down since 1999

I've gotten immensely strong as a result.
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Registered:August 2015
Not sure if real or schmuck bait

Lurking is nice
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