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I recently started playing this game again, and was looking around the options in the ".ini" files. Some are easy to understand, but I have a few questions about the ones that aren't clear to me.

1# Random Stats
I want to start a new game with AIM mercs that have random traits, and skills that reflect those traits. But I have problems figuring out how to make this happen.

"4 = full randomization of mercs, including traits, gear kits and all statistics"
I chose this option since it's the only one that has random traits. I don't want Donna Houston to be a slightly different doctor. No. I want her to be just about anything this lottery gives me. :)

"MERCS_RANDOM_BELL_DISTRIBUTION random values use bell-curve distribution if 'TRUE'; 'FALSE', use uniform distribution"

This one I don't understand. What is bell distribution. What is uniform distribution.


This means that if a merc normally has 80 strength. The randomizer will make this value anything between 70 and 90, correct? But what happens if I use full randomization? I want mercs to have about the same skill points and level as the have originally, but with possibly different traits and skill point distribution.

If I use full randomization, does this still apply? Because the levels of the mercs where all over the place. It would be nice if a lv4 merc stays a lv4 merc, or is at least very close to that level.

If a merc suddenly has only 1 trait, does that mean they have more skill points or just bad luck?

2# Militia Equipment


Does this mean newly trained militia starts with regular equipment, and will pick up new armor if available? When do they get new stuff?
I want militia to start with default equipment (not from the sector), and if there's anything better they can have it. How do I make this work?

3# Zombies

"; Zombie difficulty level, determines hitpoints, stats and skills
; 1 - Night of the Living Dead
; 2 - Dawn of the Dead
; 3 - Resident Evil
; 4 - 28 Days later"

Ok, which one does what exactly? Is 28 Days Later more difficult than Dawn of the Dead? I've played Resident Evil but I'm not entirely sure how it works in this game.

4# Appearance
In the IMP character creation screen, you are asked about his/her appearance. What is the difference between "average" and "homely"?
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I'm a novice with all this, but I'll try and assist as best I can!

#1 - bell distribution makes it more likely that you'll get results in the middle of the range, while a uniform distribution should mean that anything within the range has an equal chance of occurring.
- from what I can see, if you pick the full random option everything is randomised and you can't specify that the skills/traits should match the stats. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will know if you have e.g. the technician skill that you'll have a minimum amount of mechanic stat? (or you could do a little testing and see what you get)

#2 - Not sure about this, but it seems like either you have the default (MILITIA_USE_SECTOR_EQUIPMENT = FALSE) and it works like JA2 1.12, or you select TRUE and they only use equipment in the sector, which seems like it would make things much harder.

#3 - I would assume the higher number is more difficult, since the 28 days later zombies (in the film at least) were super-angry quick running ones, while the other films have slower walking zombies.

#4 - the JA2_Options.ini suggests that "homely" is worse than "average" (where average gives no benefit or disadvantage). It's a modifier for morale.

I'd also like to add a question for anyone who can answer:

#5 - Dynamic Opinion Settings

For some reason, these appear to be mostly negative. My IMP mercenaries seem to be disliked by all the other AIM mercs I bring along (-1 or -2 occasionally), and I just used a regen stim on one of my AIM mercs and everyone else disliked her by -6! No idea why. I though this system would be interesting, but there's no real useful feedback as to why they dislike certain actions.
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#2 The critical thing that should be understood about militia equipment is that militia are not getting any equipment when trained, and are existing just as a label - in a state without any possibility to have equipment most of the time. The equipment for militia is assigned only and every time sector is generated for tactical view.

There are two mutually exclusive sources of equipment, it can be:
a.) generated randomly out of tin air using in essence the same rules that are used to generate enemy equipment - using game progress and distance from queen's palace. Note it only matters when and where the battle happens, not when and where the militia squad had been trained, the equipment is generated every time anew, just before the battle, and discarded as soon you exit the sector. (Have you noticed how the same enemy patrol would have much better equipment if intercepted south of Estoni, but downgrade significantly if allowed to hike all the way to north of Drasen airport?);
b.) Taken from current sector inventory. They will have no default equipment and will select something from the sector inventory they are currently in, at the event of loading that sector for tactical view, and drop everything as soon you leave the sector. Again, it doesn't matter where they are trained, they have no memory of equipment (and this is the underlying technical problem generally), they select it just before the battle from what available right there where they are. This is a bit more complicated for mobile militia who do bring they part of sector's inventory with them. And reinforcements, naturally, are arming up in the sector where they are residing, not the actual battleground.

Thing is, you can't have do a.) then upgrade using b.) if possible, that might be an interesting idea, but not how it works right now, you can only have either or.

But you can select the source independently for weapons and armour, in a sense. With
You would only worry about providing weapons for militia, they would have their own armour if applicable. (I don't have detailed knowledge how face items or other utility break down between those groups.)

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