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Good evening fellow soldiers!

Tell me, how in the world shall I be capable of dodging 120 foes, roughly 20 - 30% Blackshirts, in the Chitzena Mine sector?
I mean, I've got pretty good gear, aside from some shortcomings in 40mm Grenades.
7,62x51mm guns mostly, 1x MSG90 Sniper, 1x FN MAG Ammowaster, 2x HK 417, some AK47-Variants, 2 40mm Launchers (but, as mentioned before, only 5 Grenades). 8 Mercs in total: 2 IMPS (Sniper & Machinegunner), Grunty, Grizzly, Len, Stephen, Igor, MD (who is pretty much useless as a rifleman). Ammo isn't a problem.

Bigmaps, btw.

I set up a defensive position near the mine entrance, with a straight LOV down the road. Nice position for the sniper.
I a not willing to do tho old "hiding in a toilet building"-exploit, if you know what i mean.

I already dodged about 70 Soldiers in the same sector with inferior equipment before this battle the night before. It was breathtaking, but manageable. But now its daytime, which makes it even harder. I don't see a way to avoid this battle. With a raid at a neighbouring sector I was able to take 50 enemys out of the equasion, but there is still too many of them.

But, hell, now i get wrecked after, say, 8 or 10 rounds. It's humiliating. I dont even have all of them in vision, i see about 30 combatants.

I should mention that at the end of the battle I would be okay with severely wounded Mercs, but no losses.

Someone got an idea?

PS: If someone tells me how to captre them I could upload some screenshots, if you want me to.

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- Use the terrain at your advantage, sometime positioning your mercs in the right place can make a huge difference (and i'm not talking about the toilet exploit).
- Use mines and traps
- Train militia before getting the last sector, possibly use reinforcments with the radio operator skill, put your best militia as reinforcemnt so they will not get wiped in the first turns and call them at the right time.
- Use artillery strike, a well aimed artillery strike can put an end/injure even 15+ soldiers
- try to injure as many soldiers as possible, a killed soldier is replaced instantly, but a injured soldier fight really bad, they miss much more and move much slower. Use granades and especially stun granades, they are great to injure enemies without killing them, try to kill them one by one and not all at once.
- Contrary to what most people think, fighting in the day is much easier then fighting in the night: you can spot enemies much earlier and they will need to run much more before they can spot you, as long as you don't get spotted you are safe
so like i said if you injure them they will move much slower so it will be harder for them to spot you, try to kill only the soldiers that are near to spot you or that spotted you, suppression fire will also effectively reduce their sight and slow them.
- lastly but not last you will need some luck and ..yes...reloads.

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I already changed the position, used an earlier safe. Now i use a rooftop, works better. There is no mortar, so no artillery. Aside from that, I don't have any radio. Still green Militia, counterattack directly after liberating, so I didn't involve them at all. Would be pointless, they just would get slaughtered. And I'm not the "train before last sector" guy. Done that in other saves, but it feels like an exploit, wanted to avoid that and other exploit-like things this time. Just feels kind of wrong.

About your point about daytime fighting, yeah, may be correct, but it doesnt fit my playstyle as much. I'm very much a night-fight guy.
I should have mentioned that its the first liberated town after Omerta, so there is no shipments via Drassen Arport.

Well, I think I now figured it out for this battle, the 100+ enemy situation was just quite new to me. Before this playthough I always turned that "Massive Counterattack"-option in the INI off, just like wanted to change the game to a more challenging, more agile and mobile game. Less convenient, "Lets-sit-this-out" kind of strategy.

Another question:
Somewhere, qiute a time ago, I read something about getting shipments from the Chitzena Harbour. Is that true? I never tried it before, because I always was heading to Drassen first. Like I said before this safe has a different approach, so I now prefer liberating towns i usually don't.

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Are you playing on insane difficulty? The number of soldiers in a counterattack is related to difficulty level. There was almost no way to modify the number until two weeks ago when I externalized the value to DifficultySettings.xml in r8396. However, this will not help you much because a. the current release may not be compatible with your mod and b. you can't change the group size after the groups have been created (you would have to use a savegame before liberating Chizena).

If you can't manage the large number you may have to retreat after causing as much harm as you can and come back later when you have healed and resupplied.

Wildfire Maps Mod 6.07 on SVN: https://ja2svn.mooo.com/source/ja2/branches/Wanne/JA2%201.13%20Wildfire%206.06%20-%20Maps%20MOD

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Expert ifficulty, as always. When the battle started there was like 50 enemys, then they got reinforced. With the beforeentioned change of strategy i was able to reduce the to 80. Its manageable now, I was just overwhelmed, never had this before.

Aside from the last stable (7354 or whatever its called) and the last AIMNAS I use no mods.

Update: Made it. Goddammit, that was a tough one. Anyone needs Grenades? Those fuckers dropped a metric shitton of them. Sector inventory is ridiculous, 12 Beretta Pistols alone, ten SAF, Dyneema Armor till the end of time. And i will never ever need 7,62 Ammo anymore, several truckloads. Three of my people got wounded, but thats okay for me.

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