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Currently adding a couple new items. And in order to make those a lot more useful, I'd like a few new item tags to get added:

- Increased damage vs. Crepitus (increase base damage for certain chemicals vs. crepitus, item tag should increase base damage by absolute value X).

- Protection from weather sight range penalty (like sand storms or heavy rain, item tag should reduce penalty by X %).

Any takers?

I also want to add a new colored gas cloud (the animation is already there, I just don't know how to link it to a new explosive type). Any hints would be appreciated.

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Registered:May 2009
Not sure what you want to do with the gas cloud. Currently we have these types of explosives (from Weapons.h):

Toggle Spoiler

If you want to add a completely new kind of explosive you'd have to do some heavy coding I guess just like Flugente had to do for the artillery and buildings collapse features.

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Another item tag I'm pondering on:

Level of Expertise needed to get full effect.

There are several guns in the game that are more or less better beginner guns than other guns. A value for that would be kinda neat and make certain guns viable to low level mercs, even if better guns are available already (.22 LR Ruger 10/22 for Shank instead of a 7.62x51 rifle when he's still a newbie... but later on, his choice of gun might change with increased exp. level for example... he might even get annoyed if handed low expertise level guns once he reaches a certain combination of marksmanship/exp level).

The idea is not thought out completely of course, just from the top of my head.

Also, not item tag related, but not want to open a new thread for it... Imps need an option to choose smoker/non smoker, atm it is tied to background, making all imps non-smoker. Having an additional set of the same backgrounds just to have them smoke seems a bit excessive.

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