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Hello everybody!

I was wondering if it would be possible to add an inventory to the helicopter. I really like the transport capabilities of good ol' Hamous' Ice Cream Truck, so I was a bit sad when I realized that Skyrider can't lug stuff around for me. I suppose it's because the helicopter is not in the team list / handled as a character, but then again the truck isn't really either (doesn't show up on the employment list in the laptop).
Having to fly him to a city, pick up a bunch of mercs, fly back to Drassen, pick up the stuff you want with your mercs, fly them back to where they are supposed to be and then have the heli return is kinda annoying, especially as I use the 'Drop All' and 'Militia Uses Sector Inventory' options - to be able to transport a lot of stuff you need to first store your equipment somewhere, and upon return you need to sort it back to your mercs.

Next up is a thought that came to me while browsing the ini and being reminded of the 'Weapon Resting' option: Shouldn't the effective weight of a weapon that rests on something be reduced? That way heavy machine guns (like, literally >heavy< machine guns) wouldn't be quite as horrible, because you could overburden a merc with e.g. the M1919 yet have him be fine once in position.

In theory the mortar could behave similarly, but as that thing probably has no resting positions at all, one would probably have to turn it into some sort of fortification to make it work. Or maybe it could always be resting when kneeling?

Finally, this might already be changed in newer installments, but at least in the current version of 7609 I will probably stop using the food system for the simple reason of not finding food in the right places. I get that one might need to take food with them to a SAM-Site (if you need to stay there for longer to train militia or defend against regular attacks), but I think that the SAM-Site near Chitzena should at least have some sort of water access. Also, while Cambria officially has a bar, I coulnd't find the actual barkeeper to buy food. In that city I could only ever find a few scraps of food in Keith's shop, while San Mona provides you with a whopping three bars...

So, what are your thoughts?
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I think the heli is powerful enough as it is and the fact that it doesn't crash after we stuff all these overloaded mercs inside the cabin makes me wonder. Well, if we replace seat capacity with cargo space it might be ok. ;)

You already get bonuses for being prone or having the weapon mounted. Especially the amount of breath points needed to fire the gun is reduced considerably. I don't know what you'd want more in terms of weight.

Default 1.13 has had some changes regarding the food system. There should be more merchants now that sell food and drink. I'm not sure about the water supply in sectors but you can easily provide water by setting <sWaterType>1</sWaterType> for a certain sector in "Data-1.13\TableData\Map\SectorNames.xml".

Wildfire Maps Mod 6.07 on SVN: https://ja2svn.mooo.com/source/ja2/branches/Wanne/JA2%201.13%20Wildfire%206.06%20-%20Maps%20MOD

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Would be interesting if the helicopter could be changed to allow a certain amount of passengers or cargo weight.

In airmobile operations in Vietnam, helicopters would drop troops off, head back to the forward operations base, pick up ammo, head back to the lz, drop off ammo, pick up wounded troops, and repeat.

Rapid resupply was a vital task of helicopters; and executed with the same ones used to transport troops. It was the only way a unit could remain functional in extended operations.

It does feel a little awkward having a unit dropped off in the middle of nowhere, by a helicopter that then can't bring beans and bullets back again when they're needed.

The only way to 'simulate' this in game right now is to load down mule mercs with backpacks and move them around. But that's tedious.

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