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Vadim Dolvich

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This mod is great. I am personally trying to figure out how much should I increase mine income. I don't want make the game too easy but as it is the mod WILL break your bank.

These are the reasons why:

1) There are 4 additional towns which means more costs to garrison.
2) Most towns got extra sectors (Chitzena has 4 sectors now) which also increases costs to garrison.
3) You can now garrison Omerta and San Mona which also increases costs to garrison.

I've done the math with the following assumption: You want to fortify every town sector to hold a 20 squad of veterans.

With this in mind, the math comes out to: $18400 assuming you fortify every sector except Meduna.

What I'm trying to find out is how much each mine produces in 1.13 Vanilla. That way I'll extrapolate how much I should increase the mine income based on the new costs.

I tried looking at the mineinit.lua and it has a quantity like 500 for Chitzena but I can't figure how that relates to the $4000 income that the mine has at 100% loyalty.
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When you read further into initmines.lua you'll see that income is based on random selection for an increase. The number of times increases can happen is based on difficulty level. Each mine has a minimum income which can be increased in the process (20 percent minimum income on each hit).

For example on Easy and Experienced difficulty there are 25 turns for an increase. Let's say that Chitzena mine has 500 minimum income and gets selected 7 times.
20 percent of 500 is 100. So you get 500 + 7 * 100 = 1200 minimum income.
This is multiplied with MINE_INCOME_PERCENTAGE / 100.
There are 4 production cycles per day so you get a daily income of 1200 * 4 = 4800.

Since the selection of mines for the increase is random you can't get a precise result. You could say that you have 5 mines that produce something (Drassen, Chitzena, Alma, Cambria, Grumm) and if all get selected 5 times for an increase you get the average value for all mines. If the large mines get selected more often you get more money in the game. If Chitzena gets selected more often - well, bad luck. On the other hand access to Chitzena mine is probably easier than Grumm.

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Having had more or less the same thoughts when using AR (or even WF maps which have similar issue), my solution was kinda easier, instead of digging into depths of income production, I just lower militia upkeep costs in ini, a 5 seconds job big grin
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