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OK, so. For reference, playing 1.13, r8506 exe, r2398 data. No mods beyond that except tweaking within the bounds of the ini files - I forget what I changed in the ini files though (I know, I know, bad player bad). Novice difficulty if it natters.

So I get the email from Kerberus after capturing Drassen, woohoo.

Thing is, across all my multiple playthroughs so far, I've never figured out how one actually uses the Kerberus personnel.

Things I want to use them for, don't know if it's possible:

1. Garrisoning towns besides Drassen, a la town militia. I have no idea how to get them to go elsewhere than Drassen, even after I've captured (for example) Chitzena.

2. Setting up "supply depot" and "repair depot" sectors outside of the towns (places where I can keep a ton of consumables, people to do doctoring/repairing, etc) and having troops garrison those that aren't my mercs.

3. Garrisoning SAM sites. For that matter, I can't seem to train normal militia at the SAM site, though that may be because I max out the training in Drassen.

Are these things possible, or am I just dreaming?
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My apologies for the imprecise response i'm going to give.

First of all, you can have a look at Flugente's Magical Workshop, and more specifically to the thread about kerberus/PMC here. You may find more precisions there and discuss it at the proper place ;)

1. As it is said in the appropriate thread, you can use radio operators and strategic militia command to move militia around, well that depends on what parameters you've set in JAoptions.ini about the whole milita management thing, how they can move on the map and the like. The other way around is to allow certain facilities to be entry points for Kerberus. For example allow a facility in Chitzena to welcome Kerberus personnel. Once again, Flugente explained it in the thread about PMC/Kerberus, in short, look for the tag <pmcentrypoint>1</pmcentrypoint> in TableData/Map/FacilityTypes.xml.

2. Sectors outside of town are not easy to convert to depots, it requires a bit of logistics. Have a look at the links in 1. about radio operator and strategic militia command, and check your settings for mobile militia, they will dictate what you can do. To move the stuff around, there is an assignment (like doctoring, repairing...) on the strategic map called "Move Item" that can help you immensely.

3. You should be able to garrison SAM sites, i mean, by training militia. Maybe a low loyalty issue? Else, you can once again use radio operator and strategic militia command to move militia to the SAM site
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This is pretty helpful as is, thanks.
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