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Battles in sectors with no merc/militia or soldiers; etc [message #351995] Fri, 12 January 2018 00:33

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Lets me first say that i may have produced it myself,
i radio-pulled all 20 militia from Chitzena(mine ran out)
and parked them in D5 before leading them into Grumm some days later.
If that is known as cause for issues and should be avoided like hell,
pardon me and check the inventory bug section at the bottom of this wall of text.

When the 1st bug occured the militia was already in Grumm.
The "Enemy invasion" window for D5 popped up while an imp in Grumm told me "enemies have been detected in this ...".
Selection "Auto Resolve" teleported the merc from Grumm to D5 ...
Cant remember what exactly happened on "go to sector".
Rather sure that "Retreat Mercs" moved the merc(who was teleported from Grumm to D5) to C5.
I loaded an earlier save and auto resolved the battle with a big team, thought the bug was gone.
Related saves are probably all overwritten, will check all existing if appreciated.

2nd bug: The game showed me 12 enemies in sector C5 on the strategic map which dont exist on the tactical map,
confirmed that with Alt+E, double confirmed by loading a save before the move from D5 to C5 was ordered,
with enemies visible in C5 on the strategic map, then teleported to C5(and all adjacent sectors just in case;).
However on selection "auto resolve" the game puts up functional soldiers in the auto resolve battle.
Saves may be all lost, again let me know if one would be helpful and i check them.

Now i encountered the 1st "enemy patrol triggers battle in otherwise empty sector" bug again,
and can offer a save from ~1h before the enemy patrol enters D5, where its reliably reproduceable:
Triggers the specific message for the same merc who is again many sectors away in Grumm.
Auto resolve and retreat produce the same results, enter sector does no teleport the merc from Grumm to D5!?

All the above bugs showed up using a 7609 install and AI exe r637,
the last mentioned savegame allows to reproduce the 1st bug also with standard r7609 .exe,
and with dev releases 8278&8409(sci), on 2 different machines.


Sector inventory bugs:

1st happens quite rarely: Occasionally items get moved by not yet identified actions,
to spots in sectors which can not be acccessed,
usually that is "mountain terrain" of a sector aka one level above where our mercs walk.
No idea what exactly triggers this, it happened already in 4870, perhaps even earlier, and still occured in 8409.
Suspects to trigger the bug were stack+merge command in inventory and shift+M(ove item) command on tactical,
stack&merge is excluded as i dont use it any more,
and Shift+M not yet confirmed although i kept an eye on that suspect ever since.

I load any sector, go to another sector on the strategic map and have a Merc drop an item into sector iventory.
The dropped Item usually does not produce a white dot on the radar map(here;),
but i can still pick it up in sector inventory.
I close the sector inventory and open it again, the Item is greyed out,
it cant be accessed from sector inventory or on the tactical map for the rest of the game.
Given my abiity to reproduce this over many years&releases, it should have eventually also happened to other people,
but board and external search engine didnt spit out any ["sector inventory" AND bug" related topic/message,
so it may be one of those errors on layer 8

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