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Background creation: Special Forces![message #352154] Thu, 25 January 2018 15:29

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So, I've been thinking.

JA2's scenario, Arulco....The way it usually plays out with recruiting militia and stuff? That's basically the illustration you get next to the dictionary definition of "unconventional warfare", the whole reason US Army Special Forces exist.

So I was thinking. If, for IMP characters, I were to create backgrounds for the various Special Forces career fields (for officers) and Military Occupational Specialties (for enlisted) - what would be the best way to simulate the training and such of Green Berets?

The fluff reason I'm making up out of nothing:

So Arulco is in South America. Enrico Chivaldori is in exile, and presumably has been (very quietly) collecting funds from the Diaspora/emigrant community and maybe that community has been lobbying major powers. (He can't cause he's nominally dead, of course.)

Maybe the US government can't get involved even covertly "officially" for reasons, but maybe they agree to turn a blind eye if Chivaldori recruits an A-team (or thereabouts, I know an A-team is 12 soldiers and we can go 10 max) of "nominally reservist" Green Berets with his own money. After all, if Chivaldori uses his own money, then they don't have to get Congressional buy-in because there's no USG money being spent, only the Secretary of Defense's authorization.

So I have a reason these Green Berets could be involved as a group. What boggles me is:

How do I represent SF training in backgrounds.xml terms?

(To make it clearer: I'm devising a separate background for each MOS/career field: 18A (SF Officer), 180A (SF Warrant Officer), 18B (SF Weapons Sergeant), 18C (Engineer Sergeant), 18D (Medical Sergeant), 18E (Communications Sergeant), 18Z (Operations Sergeant).)

Like, I know a good bit about the training pipeline (at least the initial training pipeline) for each MOS, but have no idea how to represent each MOS's abilities in terms backgrounds.xml understands.
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