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stock 1.13 LBE question[message #352167] Fri, 26 January 2018 15:29
Registered:January 2018
still finishing my r8508 game.

I got quite a few question want to ask about the stock LBE item setting

I hope i get into the right forum big grin

1. first is the LBE combo thing

there are 2 combo TIMS and ILBE in xml file they both are <lbeCombo>1</lbeCombo>...
should not they excluded each other?
I mean i can put Mix TIMS and ILBE backpack .a bit strange (i not doing it coz I feel like I cheating )
could someone tell me is that suppose to be that way or just a oversight?

2. another relate problem is Tactical Sling.
a very useful item....but it also have the same stats <lbeCombo>1</lbeCombo>,mean i can mix with LBE combo like above again...really strange..is it suppose to be this way?

I think changing the <lbeClass>4</lbeClass> to <lbeClass>3</lbeClass>
<lbeCombo>1</lbeCombo> to <lbeCombo>0</lbeCombo>
would make more senses ,and really who would wear a single Sling for gun when you have choice for backpack for much more storage.
I often find myself need to empty hand to carry something big in fighting when both my main gun and side arm are big...only fit default rifle and the LAW looking combat-pack slot.
and it call Tactical Sling not backpack sling.Tho i would like to know the is that tactical sling really a backpack thing?my military knowledge is not really great compare to ppl on this forum,if this Tactical Sling is really use like a backpack i would not change it in my game ,coz i feel it lose the real life feeling devil and the originally intention of the item.

3. last little question on the lbe balancing
there 2 3.11 lbe pouch seem strange ,the large mag pouch and small explosive pouch
both molle pouch only fit in the larger pocket (like med general ,3x flashbang),but their counter part actually appear as small pouch position(large mag/grenade pouch ,bomb pouch) they also consume only 10 pocket slot(most large pouch cost 12+),and anything can put inside those pouch you can actually find a better alternative,Medium Drop Pouch<uiIndex>1684</uiIndex> actually beat explosive pouch 3 time and fit more type item and only need small pouch slot.large mag pouch lose to ammo belt and med general and many other thing. I know they give camo. bonus ,but it just seem too ineffective,especially not molle item appear in smaller pocket.

another less strange item is
Medium Drop Pouch ID,1684 Small Drop Pouch ID 1671
both are small pouch cost 12 pocket,while they have differ camo bonus(med got 1 % more). most item 1684 can carry 3 unit 1671 can only carry 2,the only advantage is 1671 could carry some really small hand gun while 1684 cannot.IMO 1671 should cost 10-11 pocket cost happy coz most LBE seem quite balance on their pocket side and function. I just not understand those 2 pouch.

Next pair is Revolver Pouch <uiIndex>1675 and Russian Holster <uiIndex>1677
the only thing Revolver Pouch in advantage is 1675 have 1 point more woodland camo
Russian Holster cost 18 pocket(2 less then 1675) fit anything 1675 can fit. the Revolver Pouch actually don't have any special about revolver speechless
(I actually want to try some revolver role playing but ...everyone end up using 1677.

final strange thing is the LRAK-SAW VEST,this vest is so good carry so much ammo and has a ammo belt ability(god it should said in description)
other item with the ammo-belt looking silhouette (SAW pouch and 3.11 ammo belt) don't have this function (even i put some ammo belt in molle vest it still not working),I guess it was balance reason tho,I just want to ask other opinion about that ( I really new to 1.13 )

btw I currently using Leather Knife Sheath ID1674 carry mortar shell (I guess both thing is very long and round so they fit?) Is that the actual intention of the game?
I also carry mini nade with doc pouch i dun know is that bug or designed that way lol.

unrelated stuff:
btw we should warning ppl carabiner make noise ,my first game add so many carabiner ,almost end game figured it -stealth.

who know how to carry a lot of throw knife/ H throw knife,most molle setup fail so badly,only good one I found is german vest and the Russian vest
thigh rig really cannot carry more much(in term of used up all slot possible 36/37 37/37 etc

anyone share a good setup on multicam molle vest(which gun to use especially)? those 2 hand just so much fun happy But this vest is so hard to fit... AR ammo ,rifle ammo and handgun ammo eek finding the right gun for that vest.
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