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Every time on a playthrough in JA 2 1.13, I try to figure out which equipment fits best and is most efficient.
As for the sidearm question, I am still not too sure having figured out the best combination I guess.

Usually most of my soldiers use an aussault rifle / sniper rifle as a main weapon and a pistol as a sidearm.
The sidearm comes into play in various use cases:

- Whenever I need to kill somebody close without making too much noise and don't have cold ammunition for the assault rifles.
- Whenever I am in close combat and my assault rifles would just take up too much points as for being efficient.
- Whenever my main gun jams and I don't have enough points to unjam it.
- etc.

I like to keep my sidearm in an mp pouch with a silencer, other attachables (e. g. reflex/match sight etc.) and some ammunition.
Besides using a sidearm with common ammunition (e. g. 9 x 19 mm), I always try to take a good mixture between required points to shoot, range and damage.
Even though probably not the best choice, I really like using the Glock 17 or even better the Glock 18 as a sidearm.

I'm not looking for weapons with the highest damage (like Automags and stuff) or the longest range, but rather a good combination, that fits the requirements for a sidearm perfectly.
Now, what is your choice of sidearm and why have you chosen it?

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I like to use Sam Fisher's trusty FN Five Seven with silencer,reflex sight, laser pointer or LAM 200 and AET ammo. If i don't care about the noise, my other choice is Dirty Harry's gun, the S&W Model 29 in .44 magnum. Same attachments and .44 AET ammo.

Why i prefer these 2 sidearms . Not because they are Dirty Harry's and Splinter Cell's weapons but because they are very reliable, accurate and the revolver especially, with AET ammo, in the hands of a Gunslinger, it's almost always a single headshot kill despite the noise. As long as the enemies are already alerted the noise is not an issue anymore . As for the Five Seven with AET ammo, a couple of hits to the head or torso and game over.

Lastly i sometimes use the Hi Cap .45 with match ammo. I like variety in my squads .

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I mainly like to play the "assault" type over the stealthy approach, so sidearms rarely came into play since I'm frequently engaging in medium to long ranges (I feel safer that way). So usually my main choice is the lowest AP possible sidearms (mainly small pistols) for most of my team for two reason:
1- If a hidden enemy pops in just next to one of my guys with low AP, he have a better chance of at least scoring a single shot while interrupting the enemy, wich may mean the difference between life and death even if the shot doesn't hurt the enemy much.
2- If I have a well entrenched enemy threatening one of my guys or the enemy just made a very good flank movement, someone may be able to run there and still have enough AP to score a shot and ducking/moving back into cover. Again, a single shot may mean life or death.
*It also means that I'm using AP ammo whatever possible for those tiny pistols, otherwise enemy armor may just laugh at it.
**Most times those pistols are not silenced. I usually only bring many silenced weapons in planned night ops missions.
***I may drop a pretty small pistol (say, (0)14 AP) over a slightly bigger one (like (0)17 AP) if the second one have better attachments (usually sights).

But it's not a rule writen in stone and mainly affects early/mid game, later on things may change a little:
- Snipers and machinegunners or anybody else that carring really bad weapons for close encounters will likely have a small submachinegun for back up, so they will use it over the big gun while advancing in CQC.
- I like machinepistols very much and I usually give them to anyone carrying an Assault Rifle. They pack a lot of punch in little AP, may be very good when blietzkring buildings or flanking enemies and usually a three round burst will make the enemy next turn shitty (or "deady").
- The ones with shotguns and SMGs as main weapons will likely always keep the lesser AP possible sidearm, because they are the ones more likely to interrupt a close enemy while low on AP.
- Apart from my "main team" and any decent mercs, I may give handguns to non-battle mercs or any crappy shooter because they are easy to handle for those incompetents, so they usually have revolvers or big frame pistols.

Taking all this into consideration, this means I'm rarely using the cream of the pistols, since or I'm going small, big or revolver. I may consider dual pistols for gunslingers, but again, I may choose big frame or revolvers for that or machinepistols.

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Sig P229r is my favourite among pistols small enough to allow concealed carrying in standard holster with silencer attached,
as 9x19 has AET and match ammo variations, the gun is not as loud as the Glock 19 or Walther P99,
and reliability is decent enough to fire a couple of AETs without me getting quite nervous about weapon condition.
(it kicks in at 99% for SRs and 96% for all other stuff;)

My absolute favourite among "needs MP holster with suppressor attached" 9x19 pistols is the Beretta 93r,
(speak the name of this specific model with a rolling R, like "beˈrrretta 93r" ;)
its high range and the burst make me completely forget the meagre reliability and repair ease

Otherwise some other pistol in 9x19 because its affordable availability from early on,
so glock 17 would be the next choice because of reliability and repair ease again.

Glock 18 is nice but scenarios where pistols are used may include the desire to get into cover,
which could be spoiled by "fires more rounds than intended",
especially since most of my imps are psychos and i also love to hire them from aim/merc.

No revolvers as a decent amout of ammo takes to many inventory slots away, last not least no silencer.
btw the big specimens should be useable as blunt weapons

No match version of also very expensive ammo is a backdraw of the Five seveN when used in darkness where sight is still above weapon range.
Also i prefer same ammo in team to different, at least for minor weapons, as mercs can share it.
However i like and use the Five seveN, its low AP cost and AP ammos penetration power is too op not to use it, turns Tex into a monster.

A small AR like G36c with collapsed stock also works as sidearm,
low AP cost for e.g. 2 round burst on target out of range for the FN or 93r,
match ammo lifts it to medium range and covers gap from pistol to SR.

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