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In JA 2 1.13 there are many mercenaries to play with.
As playing on one of the higher difficulty levels requires working economically with your budget, I usually like to go with mercenaries, who are cheap and somehow weak now but have the potential to be great later on.

Like I said before, money is one of the most restricting factors in the beginning.
Eliminating about half of the mercenaries due to that criteria and the fact, that I don't just want to hire them for just one day, there is about half of the AIM mercs left.
I usually then go on about choosing which specialty the hired gun should be skilled in (e. g. medic, technician etc.).
Finally I look for a decent combination of good base stats (health, agility, dexterity, strength) and a high wisdom stat.

So, instead of looking for a good mercenary, I try to look for a good prospect for future battles, which I try to keep throughout the playthrough as part of my main team.

I usually end up on with at least one of the following cheaper mercenaries for the beginning, as they are all fast learners with high potential:

- Igor (good base stats, good wisdom)
- Barry (good base stats, very good wisdom, technic/explosive)
- Buns (good base stats, very good wisdom, very good marksmanship)
- Thor (very good base stats, very good wisdom, german, medic (rather expensive for such a guy))

Personally, I hate dumb mercenaries like Dimitri or Hamous and usually put them aside for repairing, collecting and other simple jobs.
Alright, what are the best prospects from your point of view and why?

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” - Abraham Lincoln
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Spider..best medic and her high wisdom she she ramps up fast especially marksmenship

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I like MD very much. He has one of the or THE highest wisdom, starts with decent enough stats and is a medic.

Born, play JA2, die, reload, die again, reload again.
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Victor_Tadeu wrote on Tue, 10 April 2018 22:04
I like MD very much. He has one of the or THE highest wisdom, starts with decent enough stats and is a medic.

And, more importantly, is dirt cheap.

Though he's more expensive, Dany can quickly become a killing machine once he gets his marksmanship up thanks to his super high wisdom. He's more expensive than Spider of course, but Spider's main drawback is her very low agility which is difficult to train (that is, if you don't use exploits).

Though he doesn't fit the High Development Potential profile, Hitman is one of the best deal you can get if you're looking for a relatively cheap merc packed with high experience and high marskmanship.

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Note i usually play on insane with default money,
have strong tendency to stealthy(=alert stays at zero) night attacks,
and like to have every merc cover all ranges(SR, AR/SMG & Pistol)

Bill Lamont
Excellent physical stats, mrk will skyrocket with intensive use of shuriken etc,
an unstopable killing machine when passing lvl5(or so), with excellent $/killl ratio.
Has ~80% crits with unaimed katana attack on neck (if only its condition wouldnt suffer so extremely;)
But aside from all that, the most important reason to have him on the team is Shawns voice.

Even turned him into Doctor Lamont(med>66) and Instructor Lamont(ldr>66) in another campaign.

Hector Alvarez
Excellent physical stats, decent wis, no issues with other mercs, good $/kill ratio

Meltdown: good price for lvl4 mmerc with 93r and high mrk, very effective at start,
even more if slow progrees delays long range guns, hvy weapons let her shine in late game.

Elio: Cheapest scout in game!
(healing good mercs wounds from ambush may cost you more than this guy for the whole campaign)
Also he once killed 17 soldiers in solo night mission as they dared to chase him on one of his usual explorations.

Leroy Jenkins:
Perhaps the most cost effetive mrk trainer in game for cheap bad shots because of background mrk bonus
give him 5+ students over some time and his ldr will skyrocket to full_militia_stack,
allowing him also to train mrk of students even higher.
Last not least he is the one to take the shot when you really really need the hit.

Hamous: just has to take every shot he can to raise mrk, everything else is waste of time and $

Skitz: Speechset! Tripwires! Claymores!

Dr Leevon: Every team needs a clown.

Hurl E. Cutter: TEN First Aid Kits!(& reg booster if u use these)
Also athletics!

Wahan: will personally deliver you a fresh med kit to every airspace controlled sector
and heal the woundeddfor one day,
for less $ than BR demands for the mere med kit delivered with express service to an Arulcan airport.

Buns becomes too expensive after a few levels.
And Magic does not like her ;)
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