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New JA2 1.13 Player, a few questions.[message #353075] Thu, 12 April 2018 03:28
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Hello everyone.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a copy of JA2 and decided to download the 1.13 stable release right away, No issues there. Recently though I have started tweaking the game a little with the bundled tools, Ini Editor, Merc Profile Editor and XML Editor.
Now, I am not much of a gamer, much less a modder, so my experience with stuff like this is very limited. So far, I have managed too tweak item values, change attachments and my most recent endeavour was playing with the Merc Profile Editor (which I was disappointed to find out you need to start a new game for it to work).
I have been browsing the BP forums for around the same time and have found very little up to date information on these bundled programs. The little I have found (I may be wrong here!) is that these tools (excluding the INI Editor) can cause file corruption, so it is best to edit the XML Tables manually...

Well, this is where I have to stop. I cannot wrap my head around code no matter how hard I try, and despite me really enjoying playing and modding this game, I don't think it would be worth me spending the time to learn.
I have a few small questions to ask:
- Is the information about the XML Editor and Merc Profile I found (regarding file corruption) true? And if so, is it also true that manual editing of the XMLs is the best way?

- Is there any way of changing character information mid game? For some reason all of my AIM and M.E.R.C mercs all have "Unknown" Character backgrounds, Ira Smythe's is usually "Rebel" for example. I am halfway through my first proper playthrough and have just noticed this bug/glitch?

-What could of caused the previous issue and how can I solve it otherwise? I noticed I could not find an option to change character backgrounds in the MP Editor, so I don't know how ALL my mercs now have unknown tags instead of the default!?

I have a few more questions but it is late for me and id just like a little help on figuring out where I went wrong.
Thank you in advance

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