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While most of us old-timers know the game by heart, that isn't necessarily true for new players. Additionally mods often have quests that are somewhat different. As informing the player of what exactly he is supposed to do isn't easy (setting emails is an absolute pita, and voice lines are hard to do), a different way to give at least some rough clues on what he is supposed to do is needed.

I also promised I would expand the uses of intel. The issue is that there are a few things that we could buy information on, but that is useless without a place to display that information.

This feature corrects that. On our map, we now have yet another button:

This button toggles the quest & intel map overlay. If you do not see that button because you are low-res peasant, you can also press q.


I've added symbols for all quests (I hope I got them all). The sector description window now has a small text that gives a hint on what you are supposed to do.
Additionally, you can now buy information on planned creature raids and on the location of the terrorists (after Carmen told you to find them).

A very important and user-friendly part is that the quest-based symbols are lua-based. This means that anyone can add, alter or remove data to be displayed.

You can use this to be a bit more clear about your overall goal:

Or you can use the strategic map as world's shittiest paint:

In any case, it works like this:
Toggle Spoiler

The symbols are stored in Interface/IntelMapSymbols.sti. If possible due to my pitiful drawing skills, I added ones that indicate what one should do. If you don't like the symbols, add better ones, otherwise shut it.

This feature is savegame compatible.

This has been added to the trunk in r8560 and GameDir r2424. The new exe will require the new GameDir, as I've added new sti files and script functions. IF YOU USE A NEW EXE WITH AN OLD MOD WITH OUTDATED SCRIPTS, YES, THAT MOD WON'T RUN. STOP DOING STUFF I SAY WON'T WORK AND THEN COMPLAIN IT DOESN'T WORK. Bang head

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If you want, you can donate to me. This will not affect how and what I code, and I will not code specific features in return. I will be thankful though.

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When I find or buy the intel about general location will it be displayed on the map (will the exact sector be marked somehow)?

EDIT: just found the answer in "enemy generals" thread.

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