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Using build/gamerev (can't remember which) 8555.

About a month old, want to update to the latest build because I'm a bit OCD with that. (I want the latest bugfixes ASAP and the new shotgun damage display is nice.) How do I go about doing that? Do I have to manually copy my saves over or do I just go grab the latest SCI, and extract it over my current 1.13 installation and overwrite files and I'm all set?

It's likely my INI will be re-set but it's no big deal. All I did was turn on extra merchants and civs, weapon overheating, and Strategic Militia Movement so it's not the end of the world if I have to re-set my settings.

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Well, just a few things as a heads-up, since they have happened to me in the past and I feel they are worth noting.

1) Basically you are going to just overwrite the new files over the old ones, correct.

2) Copy all the xml and ini files you currently have, as a guide to recreating what you want in the new installation. In fact, if the INI formats, or the XML formats have not changed much, then you can sometimes just copy in the old INI or XML and you are good to go. But the main INI file has changed formatting over the last 12-18 months. Some of the stuff was moved, for example, to Difficulties.XML or a similar name. Some of these are in sub-folders of the main install, just explore them.

3) If you have custom MERCS like Sarah or Lara Croft from Flugente, if you just overwrite those XMLs, you are going to need to re-install those MERCs again from his file. Probably simpler to do a comparo and then decide if you need to change the file at all. Likewise if you changed Backgrounds.XML, like I did to change Flo a bit or to add Ed Mortimer's changes to many MERCs he describes in his Arulco Vacations website, then I don't want that to be overwritten (instead I'll compare the old and new and self-edit, merge, or update as I desire).

4) In general, if you are using an XML Editor, it will be out of date for any new changes in the Directory -- which are basically the assets and resource XMLs, like for Weapons, Ammo, etc. So just skip using any XML Editor built for JA2. Use Notepad and work on it as text , or download Notepad++ which is supposedly much more capable and has quality of life features that help for editing (like colors, etc), and has a larger file size limit. One thing I saw on YouTube recently, which makes Notepad++ look like something I am going to add (it is free to use I believe), is a Synchronized Scroll for Two Tabs of two different files right side by side in the one Notepad++ window. So you can scroll both without moving the mouse cursor, clicking to make it be up front, etc -- nice).

5) Always keep the last version you liked available for backup, or make a text file for JA2 where you keep your notes on any changes you need to remember or special versions of files and where they are. Helps me, but I don't do it as religiously as I should, and it bit me badly a few times.

6) Main thing to remember besides any changes to the XMLs you made will be lost on override of those, is that the various options are now no longer only in JA2options.ini so you have to check the other INI and XML files, such as Difficulties, MercProfiles, Backgrounds, and the others are worth reading also, as they set up many other features and the comments explain much.

7) SCIs are the better way to go, IMHO. The SCI includes the EXE and the necessary DATA DIRECTORY that goes with it. EXE provides CODE, DATA DIRECTORY has the correct data in the correct format in the correct places for the EXE to use it and find it. Otherwise, possible kablamm, you sound may vary LOL.

I'm sure others can explain this all better than I can, but I thought I'd mention this. I'm going to upgrade to the next file, since they just fixed the last person bug in something like 8628 executable, and I want that so that repair and other things work completely right. Sometimes an update is worse than before. SevenFM I think caught the issue, and SilverSurfer confirmed that it was a widespread issue in many functions that iterate thru the squad. All because of not having the equals at the bound as well as the greater or more than ... good catch on a small but important detail (one way you don't process the last in the squad, the other way you do).

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I know I read a more detailed post somewhere, but can't find it at moment.

Best link is this for now:


Also the old Release Versions's website should also have very similar info overall on what to do for 7609 etc version at the Wiki
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