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Camouflage, stealth, level, and visibility[message #353637] Tue, 29 May 2018 19:49
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This issue came up in multiplayer but is really a general gameplay question. Running 1.13 7435.

So a buddy and I cracked open 1.13 to finally try multiplayer and have been a bit mystified by how stealth, visibility, camouflage, and spotting work. I decided to run some experiments to be a bit more systematic about testing these mechanics and have some very... unexpected results.

**Setup 1: First I had two mercs of different level (Shadow [5] and Raven [1]) but with identical loadouts (full ghillie suit, M24 with 10x scope, flecktern OBE) lie prone on an open road. Pressing "F" indicated "desert" terrain type o did not expect camo bonuses. I would have one character in aim mode while the other advanced forward prone, both in and out of stealth mode.

-> Result 1: Alternating this setup both characters would always spot the other at 67-68 tiles. And in fact once at that range if the moving character brought up his/her optics, the other sniper would be revealed. Exactly the same so level made no difference here. What was more surprising is that stealth mode had zero effect in any run.

**Setup 2: I replicated the same conditions except now I positioned the mercs on a stretch of ground with "wood" terrain type and no trees or foliage between the two.

-> Result 2: Exactly the same results. Mercs would spot each other at exactly 68 tiles every time, in and out of stealth mode. I even had one of them drop the ghillie suit completely and shuffle around 'naked' and it made no difference.

So from this anyway it seems that camouflage, level, terrain type, and stealth mode have absolutely no effect on how characters are spotted? Does this apply differently with human-controlled characters? Is it a multiplayer code thing? I'm a bit baffled by this.
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