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How to handle 107 enemies?[message #354055] Mon, 16 July 2018 18:13 Go to next message

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I postponed attacking SAM site south of Cambria to attack Grumm instead. The number of enemies in that SAM site has kept increasing, now it show it has 107 enemies.

How to attack it now that enemy has so many troops? I assume the first wave is only part of that lot, restricted by option settings, and when I clear that first set of enemies a new lot spawns at sector border.

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1st of all, read the book "Daylight, the unecessary danger"

Cheap ways:
If max enemies in sector is at default of 32, there should be only 4 soldiers in northern part of sector outside the fence,
i would even estimate 2 at max. (dunno how much scripted spots are exactly on that map but at least 24)
This would allow to split the sector in 2 parts with line of blue flags from the east and west corners of the fence to the map borders,
best done by spy skilled with explosives (combine tripwire and smoke&teargas grenades, no need to risk injury;)
Non spy eplosives person may need several retreats for 2-3 min so alert cools down and soldiers reset to their spots.
Once flags are installed, its just a matter of not killing more in southern part than you can handle appearing next turn at the map borders.
Once only enemies in southern part remain, remove one trap so the remains pour through that bottleneck.

Enter with spy and radio operator, have militia stack in adjacent sector.
Lure all you can get into a map corner with spy, e.g. there is a sig pistol with loudness 90,
may try not do anything which will cause the game not to immediately switch to realtime once you press done,
so they dont run when the signal shell is fired.
btw local record is 29 kills with one radio call @64 max in sector :D

Legit ways:
E.g. give Razor a dozen+ shuriken and the best nvg and camo available, latter also for Manuel, to cover his back directly.
Rest of the team ensures the 2 have safe space to run back straight to border (i.e. not diagonal)
both are athletes and even AI athletes wont be able to catch them as the AI rarely runs in a straight line.
May require to leave map via border repeatedly until done, to prevent morale loss park an otherwise useless merc far away in a corner.
btw avoid leaving a map near default entry point with merc who wants to return via cancel movement.

Agile spy with stun gun and garotte, together with crew to remove corpses. Very time consuming.
btw a full battery will iirc stun 12 enemies before going empty.

Use silenced coald loaded SRs and stay near map corner so you have 2 (re)entry points,
on any threat they may not be able to handle, retreat from sector for 2-3 min then cancel move and repeat.

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