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Just some random thoughts while playing

New disability:
Pyromania - Character has % chance to start fire in adjacent square, but gains morale. Increased efficiency when using fire weapons such as molotov and flame thrower

Head decapitation via melee weapons (ala head-pop animation):
Mercenaries with martial arts skill would have greater % chance VIA FOCUSED ATTACK to decapitate enemy. (Would apply to the larger knives such as the katana, k-bar, and machete with varying % chance for sucessful head decapitation)

Mercenary/Enemy View via Ctrl + c:
When using mercenary and/or enemy view, the green and red solid colors are rather obtrusive and take away from the aesthetics of the game. Translucent squares of shade from lights to darks would be a much better fit. (Lighting graphics utilized?)

If we have the ability to have drive-able vehicles while also being able to use weapons while driving, then we have the ability to enter watch towers to snipe/scout
watch towers behave like vehicles can be entered but can not travel due to travel restriction (Like jeep not being able to go offroad) have to be pre-placed via map editor though and graphics already exist.

Town loyalty doesn't raise when militia wins a battle independent of mercenary support?

That's it for now.

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Given that fire is stupid dangerous and can only be evaded, not removed by the player, this sounds like an excellent way to mark a merc as 'don't ever use this guy in combat'.

As to the decaptiation idea: that would work, not exactly a priority.

Visual opverlays are severely limited by the game engine. I would have long added more colours if it were otherwise.

Watchtowers would work if the merc were not visible, the shooting part is difficult. Given that this would require animations and all that, I don't see it happening.

Why wouldn't the loyalty rise? The militia are mostly native Arulcans. It would make sense to celebrate them winning. More than celebrating a band of guns-for-hire, murderers, outlaws and downright terrorists doing so.

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