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So this was posted about in another one of my threads and it seems more people than just myself can agree upon the fact that XML file options should be included in the INI Editor for convenience sake, because I am seeing alot of options that is in the mod being turned on that alot of people want off because it differs too much from vanilla.

Some of the options are quite significant game changers, like AggressiveAiQueen or just something simple as typing in how much money you want to start with in a new campaign.

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That's very unlikely to happen. The Ja2_Options.INI is already cluttered with options and options that clearly don't belong there have been moved to XML files to clean up the mess. If you already know that there are options for this and that you can do a simple text search in your favorite file manager.
The Ini Editor doesn't read the game's XML files and there is nobody to code that. Actually coding it would be a waste of time in my opinion as players can easily achieve the same result with Notepad++.

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Options to ease and speed up the process of finding changes or adjusting parameters in a new release compared to an older one:

Sort files in related folders of new and older release by date,
files with identical date/size can be safely excluded.
For the files of different date, use e.g. winMerge to compare old and new version.
(always backup the original config files, also helps to keep track on what you changed)
WinMerge etc will also already reveal which parameter(s) are missing in one file
and can be expexted to have been moved to another, in case you will see them during the next comparisons,
else could still use ctrl+F in file manager and search for related term in all ini & xml.

Estimated time requirement is less than 30 min, incl a full "grind beans -> sip expresso" cycle;)

btw file compare function has limitations regarding synchronization of file after a difference,
and the issues increase with file size,
so one huge config file is probably counterproductive for the semi automatic process.
(respectively fully automatic if you use e.g. file manager ZTW)
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