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Installed 8609 and started a new game. I did set the ALLOW_TARGET_HEADANDLEG_IFPRONE to TRUE. As a result in the first fight my IMP shot Buns on the head (lol big grin ) while she was kneeling in front of him. the IMP was kneeling also.

Alhough it was funny when it happened, it also happened while they were both prone. The option description warns that soldiers can be hit by stray bullets even while in prone position. Does that mean that the only way to keep mercs safe from friendly fire would be to have them lay prone side by side ?
What happens if we turn the option off? will the mercs be safe from friendly fire, as it was since vanilla ? Since this is an experimental switch, i figured that i'd provide some feedback.

Not a bad addition, the damage to enemy soldiers whether prone/stunned/dying, is nice, the friendly fire part is a bit annoying although realistic. However a soldier should not intentionally fire through another soldier just because he is kneeling diagonally in front of him or even in front of him. There are old pictures showing one soldier supporting the long muzzle of his rifle on another soldier's shoulder. Probably not good for his ears but that is another matter. Friendly fire has had always been present in the game, since vanilla, only on standing characters though.

To sum up, it's a cool feature albeit kinda strict concerning friendly fire and stances other than standing.

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I will just say this, because obviously people have had a different experience than I have in the past with JA2 v1.13 versions and even in JA2.

I have never found myself immune from friendly fire, ever, in any JA2 version of any kind. Certainly not in the 7609 build of v1.13, although it was pretty safe there most of the time. Usually if someone was crouched or prone in front of a merc that was standing, you were mostly safe, but not always.

Then again I have always played with less capable mercs. Most of my mercs are from M.E.R.C. and cheap. Same with A.I.M. where I almost never choose anyone more expensive than Steroids, and lately my usual bests are Kaboom or Bull or Larry (I think) who is like 6 from the bottom in price.

But again, with that toggle on, I find that especially if shot from an angle that is not directly ahead of where you are looking when prone, or directly behind you (in other words they are shooting and have a good look at the side of the target's prone body) TONS of STRAY SHOTS HIT MILITIA, ENEMIES, or MERCS. So much so, that at times, they hit ANY prone target more than hitting the side of a wall, or any standing or crouched target (on any side, allied or otherwise). This was in a recent build, I believe 8589 for me of v1.13.

But, it seems this may also have leaked into all versions of NCTH lately. Because I'm not that sure it is much better with the toggle OFF. I did not notice this in versions about a year old of v1.13 as much.

This is why I asked, as politely as I could, for the numbers and calcs to be checked. I like the feature and the option. But it is producing ODD results. But then with the quality of my mercs maybe it should.

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Pretty much what i've pointed out myself. Friendly fire has always been there but that option to target limbs on prone enemies, also working against our soldiers in the form of friendly fire. In real life you don't shoot through another soldier just because he's laying prone in front of you, you can roll over to have a better line of sight to targets. That can also be done in-game but it may make things better or worst. May lose line of sight to the target and/or expose yourself to friendly or enemy fire.

I like the feature myself, although it reminds me of that line the siege tank operator says in StarCraft : "I'm about to drop the hammer....and dispense some indiscriminate justice" lol big grin

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