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Hi, I'm pretty new to modding and am trying to create a Rikku merc. I'm just wondering if anyone could help me with regards to the face files. I'm not 100% sure on which program I need to use to make the animated face file and to get the eye and mouth frames to line up properly.

If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome @Darklord2018

Some info is buried in this thread
there are ofc some tuts on the board how to create portraits but honestly i am too lazy to search them
and last not least my recipe tops em all ;)

I use Gimp to modify the source pics, any other program will do if it can handle 16bit bmp format.
To convert pictures into the games .sti picture format, i use enhanced sti editor,
find it at https://mad-god.webs.com/downloads.htm last link at bottom of the page.
/edit: above link to stiEditor is dead, get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9e4vh9wn9rib22t/Project1.rar/file

The 48x43 px portrait is the imo most important,
and scaling low resolution pics in Gimp etc works best at ratios of 1:2, 1:4, ...
so i usually try to do the souce pics 1st scaling at such a ratio
that the desired image section for the 48x43 portrait fits into a 192x172 frame.

From that scaled pic, or the individually scaled source, make the 1st potrait in 106x122,
may change the pics background so it fits to the persons background.

Now take a 90x100 section from the scaled source pic and create a picture with 8 copies of it, 4 in 2 lines.

Set up a grid of aid lines for 58x65 and 48x43 pictures, and eye mouth sections.
modify the eyes and mouth sections in each pic, either paint or use "distort" -> "iwarp" only on selected parts of the pic,
(may require to do that on a pics copy and copy/paste only the desired part into the 4x2 template)
Now select the background and make it nearly entirely black, but NOT 00 00 00 to 03 03 03,
as the game cant handle fine color differences or gradients.
If all work on the 7 pics is done, save the templatre of 8 pics as a 16bit R5 G6 B5 bitmap, aka .bmp

Run the stiEditor and import the palette from the just saved .bmp file,
select 1st color and make it entirely black, aka 00 00 00.
(may need to paste previous values of 1st color into the slot of another color which is not present in the pic)
Tab to the Gimp/etc and copy the 1st pic of 8, size 90x100, into the 1st frame (aka pic ID#0),
repeat that for the 4 eye and 3 mouth sections into following frames #1 - #7,
(hit the "arrow in + symbol" buttons to add new frame in front or after selected frame)
save as the 90x100 .sti portrait.

Important intermediate step, must be done for each scaling of the big 4x2 template:
In you image manipulation program, note the distance from upper left cormer of the whole pic
to the upper left corner of your eye and mouth section, also for the smaller sections in 48x43 and 58x65,
as the x/y offsets must either be set in the sti editor, or the related mercProfiles.xml
(btw, that dependancy on 2 different entries is clearly a design flaw of 1.13)

I prefer to set .xml entries to zero and adjust offsets only in .sti,
because changes in mercProfiles.xml only come into effect if you start a new game,
while changes in .sti are accepeted until the related character is interacted with in game.

So either modify those values in the .sti files or adjust the .xml,
optionally check .xml for E/M offsets desired slot and adapt the sti offsets to get a working portrait (the imo most silly way)

Now copy paste the sections for the 48x43 into you .sti containing the 90x100 prtrait (you saved it, did you?)
as we have the same palette, save the 48x43 portrait and repeat for the 58x65,
with the changed offsets for eye/mouth anims.

Now scale the whole pic down from 360x200 to something that allows to copy the smaller portraits into the .sti editor,
usually 270x150 or 240x134 (dont accet the suggested 133 pixel) for the next smaller series,
or create new 8 pic template from the 48x43 and 58x65 sections,
scale down to the smaller portraits in 31x27m 15x14 and 29x33.
Since scaling changes the palette (i strongly recommend not to scale with indexed palette)
save the templates again as bmp so you can import the palette into stiEditor.

For camo portraits, create an "8 portraits of 48x43" template, select ontly the parts where camo would be applied
(unselect the background color and whatwever else does not get camo like glasses, eyes, open mouth.
Create a pic with semi transparent(25 - 50 %) camo layer in 48x43, multiply to "8 camo layers" template,
paste the camo layer template into selection of 8 portraits template.
May require to erase parts of the pasted camo layer with low opacity eraser eg. on beards.
Save as .bmp for new palette, create .sti, repeat for other camo types.
Last no least adjust goggles, gas mask and NGD positions in files of \data\faces\facesgear.

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Thank you very much. I'll have a look at sorting it out this weekend.
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