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Hey guys.

I've downloaded from:


various SCI installers like:


and tried installing AIMNAS onto them by overriding the files but each of those SCI iterations had it's flaws, like the very latest one from Nov. 1 (8633) I couldn't select custom CTH neither improved interrupt because those options weren't there in the menu so I decided to download an earlier version (8626) but that one had its share of flaws as well...

For instance in an early version of 1.13 SCI I installed (not sure which one exactly it was) I could play AIMNAS, Ja2 1.13 and UB 1.13 all together from the same folder without problems through the INI editor but since I decided to install the latest version (that one of 8633) I had started encountering some serious game breaking bugs from what I can discern.

Sometimes there are missing menu features, other times the game will freeze up or give me an error message (like for instance 'assertion failure in line 1889 UI Cursors.cpp' whilst playing AIMNAS mod) or other times in the game expansion 'Unfinished Business' 1.13 for instance, started through the INI editor I can't select past first two levels of difficulty there's only novice or that other one.

So I went as early as SCI_JA2v1.13_Revision_8589_on_GameDir_2430 only to find out that in the UB mod, started through the INI editor I once again couldn't select past the 1st two difficulty levels (I want to play on expert).

So I'm wondering, what is the most stable version of SCI that you have installed and are possibly playing without errors that works for you and where you can presumably play all 3 mods; AIMNAS, 1.13 and UB 1.13 together.

From this I can detract which one I could install to have a full experience without yet unresolved problems of possible beta version that I'm downloading without the proper knowledge of seeing which one to use exactly.

So perhaps through your help I can decide where to go next instead of simply trial and error.

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I still have 8468 installed. It ran fine, but i haven't played it now for quite some time and it isn't the latest AIMNAS. I don't know about UB, though.

For missing Menu options i recommend reading http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=23855&goto=355192&#msg_355192
So Options you are looking for can still be enabled from the ini, if not from the start menu. The change took place at r8610 & GameDir r2442 so you could also pick an earlier version.
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@ Hellswind

I don't use AIMNAS but the following may help some.

Flugente is slowly moving over some options that were on the New Game screen and moving them to the JA2options.ini file. This should be the thread where he describes part of it:


It takes a bit of effort to find some of those options and JA2options.ini is a large file. I know that you can find the choice for NCTH or OCTH in there. I believe the Interrupt method is in there as well, but not as certain.

The Flugente Magika Workshop is worth reading for the various feature changes and improvements
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Hmm. All right guys, thanks. Just what I was looking for.

I did the read, did the modifications and now I'm playing the game (AIMNAS) on the latest build with NCTH + New Intererupt, which it seems stable.

So that's been cleared up. Appreciated.

However, with the latest build of SCI (8633/2449) there is no 'UB' executable, which in turns prevents me from accessing/playing the expansion pack Unfinished Business. There is only 'JA2_8633_Editor.exe'. I'd really like to play that sometimes down the line but do I have to install an older SCI then?

Last SCI release where I can find UB is in:


but even then the game has only 2 difficulty settings and hangs at start, after the initial menu choice (black screen, music plays on))

Uuhm, you guys have any information regarding that per chance?

That'd make the proverbial circle complete.
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