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I've always loved the food system in 1.13. It adds a degree of management to overcome.

I do find it curious, however, that Bloodcats and the other wildlife of Arluco (crows..?) don't have anything to offer on this front. My proposal is the introduction of meat from these animals as an alternate way of feeding your starving mercs (as a simple drop, or as an interaction with a bloodcat corpse).

Maybe the Hunter trait could offer some benefit, or the disease system could be tied in, or a ruthless trait could allow a merc to eat meat from less conventional sources, but it wouldn't need to be complex.

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Tststs. Since the inception of the food system, gutting cows and bloodcats yields cow and bloodcat meat, which can be eaten. Unless it somehow changed since then, I'm not at the code atm.

It would of course be possible to expand that to the bugs, crows and, fuck it, people. It's just that either you don't play with food, or do and have sufficient merchants/BR shipments. I assume a campaign where a player is that desperate for food is rare.

Apart from that, adding new animals requires new bodytypes and animations, good luck finding complets sets of those :-)

I know now that it could never work between us, as much as we wanted to, it could never be! Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're black.

If you want, you can donate to me. This will not affect how and what I code, and I will not code specific features in return. I will be thankful though.

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expanding it to crows sound interesing, and for humans - i will love it too, and it will produce human meat, and some mercs will refuse it to eat (even when hungry), but some madmans like maddog will love it happy.
Mayby some want to try hardcore mod, in which he can only eat what he can hunt/steal/kill. Buying food from market is....easy and gamey happy.
And for huntman trait - yeah, i wil love if it will allow you to track and hunt animals . Currently random spawn as bloodcats/cows representing deers and other animals.
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Anyone ever see a crepitus fight a blood cat?

Anyway this thread brings up some interesting questions aside from cannibalism that is. What about food on these operations? I would like to go for some wild game, and trading or buying from the locals would be another aspect. I've seen a lot of improvements since I've left the group, but while diseases are interesting what about food?

Buying meat, eggs, and milk/rum from the locals is a positive and will reflect that way. Taking these items will make you look bad. Stealing stockpiles from the Queen an added bonus, but I expect once you leave the sector locals will eat much of it.

Ordering food online?
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