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Hello, as I have continued my path to explore and expand my knowledge of the inner workings of this intricately linked system of files. I have a few that I have not been able to locate.

Where is the core Nationality list kept that the system uses, I thought it was in the profile XML but changing those does not seem to cause any changes.

What does <bDeathRate> and <bReputationTolerance> affect and is a low number good are bad. My assumption is that these are how well the morale of the merc is affected by the death of Merc's and reputation. However, by looking at the scores, it seems the numbers have some fluctuations that I cannot seem to capture a trend that would allow me to determine the overall scheme.

Is there some variations and potential errors in the backgrounds XML file related to AP's needed to do certain things. The reason is that on Nobility it would seem time to do certain things is more difficult and on Sapper, they could do things faster. Sometimes it looks that they are opposite than would be expected.

Lastly what particularly limits a mod made for 1.113 in this example Urban Chaos from using the latest SVN exe files? This seems to be peculiar to me as it would seem the exe would use the similar file structure and while the older 1.113 mods would need to have files added or modified that this should work. I am very familiar with modding Paradox Interactive which is well known for making things simple that way and I am sure that part of my trouble is that as you all know a lot of time is learned who everything is connected.

Thanks again for your time. I am trying to do my due diligence to learn how to do things and understanding of interdependencies so I can be of assistance to those of you whom I wish to assist in the future.


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Note that any changes in MercProfiles.xml only affect a new campaign, in an ongoing campaign that data is loaded from the savefile.

<bDeathRate> and <bReputationTolerance> work that way, yes. The lower the more picky a merc is about these things. Keep in mind that those values are simply what people felt was appropriate, there is no 'right' value. If you want to know more about those, look for BOOLEAN MercThinksDeathRateTooHigh( UINT8 ubProfileID ) and BOOLEAN MercThinksBadReputationTooHigh( UINT8 ubProfileID ) in the code.

The backgrounds.xml should have some description at the top explaining what a tag does and in what range values are.

There isn't anything limiting a mod from using the current exe apart from the fact that newer features introduce new tags, xml or images. If these aren't present, a feature might not work or the game might even crash (like, say, when the game wants to display an icon that isn't there in the old mod files).
For example, at some point I added damage modifiers to AmmoTypes.xml that allow finetuning what damage/breath damage an ammotype does against people/cars/whatever. If those aren't present, well... your gun's aren't going to do a lot of damage. We could set default values for some, but that gets even more confusing, because suddenly ammo uses values you never even set.

You gotta wash your hands before picking up a baby. They can see the bacteria burning into their flesh.

If you want, you can donate to me. This will not affect how and what I code, and I will not code specific features in return. I will be thankful though.

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Thank you very much for your information which was very much appreciated! Understandable about what is appropriate and there are definitely different schools of thought among the different creators of mods and their theme and such. The questions came about after I started doing some statistical analysis on the stats and such I was trying to ascertain patterns and therefore better understand the game.

So if I am correct then a background that had a "<ap_swimming>0</ap_swimming><!-- +- % APs needed for the task, -40 to 40 -->" a thumbs down negative number is beneficial and a thumbs up positive would show difficulty in doing the task. On that same point a background that had a "<ap_airdrop>0</ap_airdrop><!-- +-AP in the first turn after airdrop, -10 to 10 -->" a positive would be beneficial and negative would increase difficulty.

Excellent on your part about the exe as that follows what I am used to and had hoped for. As a new exe often breaks all mods in Paradox and they have to be updated every update and major patch, So the trick would be updating a Mod to current build followed by a continuous update cycle. Granted no easy task but not something insurmountable.
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