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Bobby R.

Registered:September 2016
I observed something and was wondering if anybody here has some experience with it.

I cant find any .sti files in the original JA2 that contain the camo images, but the game uses camo kits (item).
And the file CAMO.COL is a palette for .sti files [contained in Data\ANIMS.SLF] which made me come to the conclusion
that this palette is layed on top of the image palette by the game, as a kind of a filter.

If that is true, is there a way to merge palettes so that lets say, I take the palette of a merc (11.sti),
and place the palette of the CAMO.COL on top of it, while the empty parts will be made transparent.
Then I use that merged palette to load it into lets say 11.sti and get all 8 images with a (in this case)
wood camo effect?

Of course I would have to edit that CAMO.COL for the other 3 camo kinds and repeat the process and
could that be changed within the game code, so that we have CAMO_D.COL, CAMO_S.COL, CAMO_U.COL and CAMO_W.COL
instead of individual images for each merc?

The thought here is to create repeatable face results, automation of creation process and time efficiency while JA2 spriting. big grin

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Registered:October 2005
Location: Australia
If you mean the Camo faces, this was never part of the original JA2, it was something added later in 1.13 as a feature. This system uses individual sti's for each merc.

Though editing a palette could effectively work (if there was code that could somehow add it) visually it would look a bit odd, and make faces monochromatic rather than camouflaged where you want some disruption in the face features of light and shade.

In 1.13 you'll find a DESERTCAMO, URBANCAMO & WOODCAMO folder in your Data-1.13/Faces folder, these replace your existing face in game, so there's no filter or overlaying involved.

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Bobby R.

Registered:September 2016
I see what you mean, just tried it myself and only the animated character was changing its color,
not the portrait, so CAMO.COL in the original JA2 is just for that purpose then I guess.

The palette code is not the right thing then. I mean I found a good way to apply camo's
to the portraits that keep the shadow and light intact but it still takes a bit of time.

And how was the code changed in order to create the new camo and make it work ingame?
I guess one part was to change the paths for the .sti files, which I probably could do myself,
but the other part was probably to write a function that connects the portrait change with
the camo use?

Is the JA2 1.13 mod snowcamo ready? meaning we just need to add the .sti files in the SNOWCAMO folder and
place a snow camo kit in the inventory of my merc or a map?

Last question ;)
So how much can I delete from the game files without interfereing with the game?
Because the .SLF archives should have all the original files, can't I just play with those .SLF files
and delete folders like, faces or interface?

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