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Not quite clear to me: does the amount of troops the Queen initally has exclude the city garrisons? In other words: are all cities at the beginning of the game full of troops and on top of that the Queen has spare troops for patrols, counter attacks and reinforcements based on the value in the .ini-file?

For example, 20 troops per city sector and additionally e.g. 500 troops in the pool - or 500 troops in total and from that the Queen needs to fill the garrisons? Could a very low level of troops at the beginning lead to empty city sectors that way?
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Pretty sure the queens pool includes soldiers in garrison sectors,
as in a campaign a couple years ago I realized that the queen apparently ran out of troops,
my estimated number of total kills based on mercs kill counts and the btw not always correct numbers in the battle reports
indicated that also the few hundred soldiers that are initially placed in the garrison sectors are part of the queens pool.
From that time I give her unlimited pool, although I may not have passed the 8k sagain.
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I don't know, I just made a simple and quick test in which I lowered the value to 50 on novice. Then I scouted and fought some time, counting the spotted and killed soldiers. In total, it was more than 50 - and I only scouted Chitzena, Drassen and Cambria. Can't imagine that the other cities are completely empty.
What I noticed though, was that the garrisons were pretty small, e.g. only 7 per sector for Drassen. But that might have to do with the novice difficulty level.
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My memory is that you can customize each of these, when I used to fool with it in the .ini files, although they have divided it up into several files now.

Because you can set how many extra or less are in the Garrison with one value. Then you can define the Queen's Pool Size. Then you can define how quickly the pool grows back. I customized the Easy setting to have something like the values between the next two difficulties, but made sure that they still tended to be Yellow and Veteran's.

Most of these settings are now in the Data-1.13/Tabledata/difficultysettings.xml now, I believe. There may be a couple in other places though. The file has a lot of definitions in comments at the start of the file (top) and also perhaps in the example of an actual Difficulty Setting which is not one actually filled out completely. That is before Easy Difficulty in the listing.
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