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I got to the point again in the game when I feel the need and wish that someone finally overhauled the whole gunplay mechanism.
I play with drop all enabled and seeing red shirts wearing flaks/kevlars getting shot twice in the torso from an akmsu then a mini-14 just to shrug the rounds off is getting old.
Sometimes getting shot with a 7.62 nato round wearing kevlar results in almost no damage too, most of us know it is pure bs.

To be clear I am not a modder and have no experience altering files apart from xml manipulating for testing purposes.

What would be needed to completely revamp the current damage calculation? I know as Flugente explained many a time before that at the moment caliber plays no role at all in the damage calculation, if simply change say a battle rifle caliber to .38 it will happily fire it causing the same damage as it`s intended ammo?

Is it possible to model round velocity, mass and assign a barrel length value to each and every gun? Could armors be given a value of resistance in energy? Say an arbitrary 500ft-lbs assigned to kevlar stopping effectively most handgun rounds to the torso but having no real protection from anything over 120% of that value? A rifle round would tear right through inflicting heavy damage to the wearer?

I imagine then loss of velocity needed to be also calculated from say 5+ tiles for each different caliber but my limited math skills suggest it is well doable for someone like Flugente, Sevenfm and others.

I feel it would be a major task and would need a lot of time and effort and as I said my modding skills are almost non existent but hey that does not mean I am useless. cheeky

I could and would happily help anyone with collecting and analyzing available data on various rounds and barrel/gun configurations.

I think this is something that is way overdue and would greatly enhance gameplay.

EDIT: Browsing through the forums just because I am for the week I found this thread which is very very good start. Anyone care to comment?

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Greyfoot wrote on Thu, 15 August 2019 12:18
Browsing through the forums just because I am for the week I found this thread which is very very good start. Anyone care to comment?
Not much to say. Pistol calibers were near useless against most vests and rifle calibers put a man down quick. Just what you'd expect.

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