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Hello, I was wondering, what stats you generally dump, when creating an imp?

For example if i have an high leadership imp or merc, and i create a second imp, putting it down to 0 should be reasonable, shouldnt it?

Same for tech and explosives? Medical maybe 35, marksmanship whereever you like it and same for physical stats (dex can be lower, if you dont want a knife thrower?), maybe strength around 70ish except for heavyweapons guy?

Im looking at this from a point of playing on insane and having to sorta min max.

For roleplaying reasons i give my imps max strength and marksmanship and no weaknesses (non-swimmer is popular for this) though, for some reason only buff-capable dudes sre allowed in my squat (maybe i watched to much predator? big grin i dunno)
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Mravac Kid

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I don't think skills should be considered as dump stats, as you really only need one person in a squad to have each skill. So for your medic, explosives and mechanics are unnecessary.

When I make a 6-man (and woman) IMP squad, I have one medic, one mechanic and one explosives guy, the other 3 have all of those set to 0. Far better to use those points in one of the always useful stats.
As for stats themselves, leadership is certainly the best candidate for a dump stat as you also only need one leader, though it's useful to have more than one guy able to train militia. For the others, marksmanship is the easiest to improve, so starting it off at 70 or 75 is plenty enough, for the medic and mechanic even 60 or 65 can be enough, if you're not planning to use them for combat much.

I always have agility and wisdom at max, as the first dictates action points and the second skill improvements, strength as low as possible while having them able to carry a full load of equipment (around 70 is usually enough).

But then again, it's far easier to just edit the ini and give them 100s all over. big grin

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