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In 2014 Flugente introduced structure-destroying properties for anti-material ammo (12.7x108 and .50 BMG) through the "Ammoflag 4" setting (in AmmoTypes.xml).

In 2017 Flugente replaced the old "canGoThrough" tag in AmmoTypes.xml with the more versatile "usPiercePersonChanceModifier" one. (http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=20659&goto=348524&#msg_348524 - Sorry, stupid forum engine doesn't like # in links...)

Now it happens (2020, in Build 8796) that the new "Ammoflag 4" negates the "usPiercePersonChanceModifier" setting.
In short, if you use the structure destroying feature, your heavy sniper rifle bullets won't go through anything, no matter the setting.

I can see why this probably happens, but from a gameplay point of view I definitely don't like it: The sole interest of those (literally) heavy sniper rifles in JA2 has always been that they were able to hit targets behind walls and light cover.
Personally (IMHO, YMMV and so on), blowing huge holes in walls doesn't bring any tangible game advantage (but that's me as I said).

Anyway, until this is fixed/changed, if you want your heavy sniper rifles to go through stuff, comment out the "<ammoflag>4</ammoflag>" lines in AmmoType.xml; If you prefer demolishing houses with them, keep it, but know that your bullets won't go through stuff anymore.
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It's almost a year late, but I've gotten around to do changing this in r9114. Anti-materiel bullets can now pierce when they apply structural damage, which is slightly scary. At some point in the video below, a shot even takes out several walls at once.

I deem this issue solved. big grin

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