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Updated 12.12.2021 (4 possible bugs & problems - see below 2.)

I've never played L2, so I thouhg I'll give it a try (why not).
There is no guide for L2, so after read all threads on polish & bearpit forum about L2 I've noted few hints to the game.
Time to wrap up few things - they are here (few are just pure quotes from bearpit's forum users):

1. Forum hints (from various forum users)

- After landing you should go to sector K6 Oboz. You'll find some stuff there and a guy 'Alfred' gives you the photo of the girl which you have to find and save. At first the mission is to transport the girl to airport, but when you get the girl, you'll be sent an e-mail to transport the girl to P4 Kariz and it's quite a long and tiresome journey without using the boat.
- Maria - you find her in random sectors: D7, C3, E2 level 2 or E2 level 3.
- 'Quest with medical kit' is doable after completed 'quest with Maria'.
- 'Quest with the plans' is doable after completed the 'quest with daughter'.
- In the city of Korsa NPC appear (in one of city sectors) which you have to give 'the plans'.
- Gangsters (NPCs) sometimes carry a suitcase with money.
- You may sell your bigger guns in G12 Napol (to gain more money).
- You may sell your pistols, granades, knives in B4 Czonowo (to gain more money).
- Talk with guy named Spike (you may met him in the bar in Napol but not aways), he can transport your mercs to the place near where the kidnapped girl is held.
- Moving by boat/barge between N5-O5. If you talk with the sailor-looking man long enough, he'll take the squad over (practical, when you return with the girl).
- Local gangsters Flint and Jax both want the other dead. If you kill Jax and go to report to Flint about that, he'll try to kill you. Dunno what happens if you side with Jax.
- In Czonowo there is something like a hospital and there is a doctor who needs some medical stuff. That stuff is in Gonez where Flint lives. If you promise Flint to kill Jax (hmm, or kill Flint) he does not mind if you take that bag (one is enough). Now, if you send just one runner with the bag back to Czonowo, make sure he can pick locks and remove explosive traps - that damn hospital is locked up. Now, in return for the medical stuff the doctor gives you a map. With the map you go into Korsa and find archeologist Tina (daytime, western part of M14). If you give her the map then Tina tells you about a cave in mountains (NE part of the map, behind Posterunek). Robots with sniper rifles are quite tough and they spawn back if you try to go through the caves with next squad also.
- If you order from Bobby Ray's shop something into Meduna, the stuff lands in K6 and if you haven't noticed - good old San Mona arms dealer Tony has his shop in Napol.
- In Napol, in bar with Spike is Jack. He seems to be in debt to Spike, so if you talk to Jack and pay Spike $6000 (?), Jack joins your squad. Person is based on Dynamo, so when you have healed him, he can be used as mech.
- Prot - if you choose to hire him - has some old enmity with Chris, the guy who "owns" Napol, so if Chris happens to see Prot, there'll be war.

2. Possible bugs & problems

- Sector C5, H4, L11 - nobody is there (mod error when game saying someone is in this sector)
- BigMaps (maps where you cannot place your mercs in the map at the edge when you enter) - use arrow keys to scroll map when deploying mercs
- possible loadscreen problems on Windows 98
- N10 Gonez - Sergeant attack you when you talk to him friendly long enough (just don't click to much on "Freindly" to avoid an attack)...
- O10 Gonez - After execution Flint should go to his room in the building, but when path is blocked - deadlock timer appear - you are able to quit the game by pressing ALT+X (try to load the game and make sure the path is not blocked)
- possible Runtime Error: Quote:
Assertion Failure [Line 4909 in file .\strategicmap.cpp]. Jack is not in valid group (pSoldier->ubGroupID is 0)
when spotting latest enemies (last few behind the big rocks). I had this in M11 - how to fix this ? Load latest game and in tactical screen assign Jack to other squad (dunno if this is bug of L2 or JA2 1.13). https://images92.fotosik.pl/558/7c507e54cd4c21fb.png
- A3 - there is no enemy in the sector but it is showing 8 enemies when you enter this sector - anyway you are able to resolve battle atomatically...

3. Difficulty tweaks

From "5. Some important information about the L2v38 game" (see below):
If we want to make changes to the "Ja2_Options.ini" file we should go to the directory:

# 1.13 mode: "JA2Legion2v38\Data-Legion2\Data-Files\"
# Vanilla mode: "JA2Legion2v38\Data-Legion2\Addons\Data-Vanilla\Data-Files\"

I also changed other Ja2_Options.ini just in case...

# How to turn off "Enemy Ambushes":
; Enemy Ambushes
; This setting allows a chance an enemy group ambush player's squad.
; The chance is based on many factors:
; * Game difficulty.
; * Whether you know if the enemy is there or not.
; * How big the enemy group is (very large groups will not likely ambush you, smaller groups can ambush you more likely).
; * Number of your mercs (meaning how easily the enemy can detect you soon enough to prepare for you. More mercs 
;    mean higher chance).
; * Highest level amongst the mercs in your squad.
; * Some other small circumstances.
; * Finally the calculated chance is percentually multiplied by ENEMY_AMBUSHES_CHANCE_MODIFIER 
; If you play with new traits, the "Scouting" trait in your squad can prevent these ambushes.
; If you like to play vanilla JA2 style, set this to FALSE.


# How to turn off "Sector Reinforcements":
; Reinforcements
; This feature allows enemies/militia to immediately reinforce an adjacent sector that comes under attack. They arrive
; at the edge of the map, a few turns after the battle starts. This can have a major impact on the outcome of a battle.
; Note that the maximum number of people on each team that can actually appear simultaneously in the same battle is
; defined in the System Limits Settings section. If there are more than this amount, they will only appear when others
; die or run away.

; Allows enemy/militia reinforcements from adjacent sectors.

# Enemy detection on the map (big red "?"):
; In normal JA2, enemy groups moving through sectors that you've already explored are always shown on the map 
; (as a big red "?").
; If this is set to TRUE, only militia can spot enemy groups moving through any sector, explored or otherwise.


4. Old FAQ (v36) by Jazz 2008/11/13 14:55 (Google Translator + my few cursory corrections):

Legion Zone 2003-2010 by Jazz

# Questions about the game

# I Found Marie, but don't know how to get her on the team ?
- We need to show her the picture we got from Alfred. If you don't have a photo, you probably didn't wait until the end of the conversation while talking to Alfred happy To prevent this from happening, after he shows the photo (which appears on the screen), you have to wait a moment for him to finish his line and hand over the photo. Sometimes the photo may appear on the ground after finishing the conversation with Alfred.

# When one of the mercenaries was released, I indicated that he should leave his equipment in camp K6. After returning to the K6 sector, I cannot find the equipment. Where is he ?
- The equipment was left in one of the chests in the K6 sector.

# How to get in through the window ?
- We need to shoot the window with the glass.

# What is the photo of the wanted person for ?
- Photo is needed to recruit Maria. Some NPC characters can provide information about the wanted, if we show them the photo.

# When I start a new game, why do I have a completely different starting sector ?
- The starting sector is always randomly selected (1 of 6).

# Where is Maria ?
- Ask, search and you will find happy There are four ways to find her.

# Where is Karlos ?
- Ask, search and you will find happy There are three possibilities where to find him.

# Where does the equipment ordered in the store arrive ?
- The equipment will be available in the G12 sector, in one of the chests.

# Some characters have a description like "???" above their heads. What's going on ?
- This is a character that the player does not know. Only after the first conversation with such a character, his name will appear.

# Some characters have names like "Mafia", "Soldier", etc. What is this ?
- In the modification, each character is assigned to a certain group. This makes it easier to tell the bad from the good happy

The most common groups:
A. Local gangster - They have money or a suitcase with money in their inventory. The local gangster only attacks when he is attacked.
B. Gangster - They have money or a suitcase with money in their inventory. The gangster always attacks.
C. Renegade - Renegade always attacks.
D. Soldier - Does not attack until he is attacked himself.
E. Mafia - Smuggler - This group always attacks. They have money or a suitcase with money in their inventory.
F. Border Guard - The group always attacks.
G. Resident (here the name of the city) - Each city has its own inhabitants. Friendly groups.
H. Mine worker - simply mine workers happy
I. Boby's Gang - A gangster belonging to this group, he does not attack until he is attacked himself.
J. Farmer - This group is available on farms.
K. Flint's Man, Jax's Man - Doesn't attack until he is attacked himself.
L. Gang - This group always attacks.
M. Mafia Man - This group always attacks.

# Are there any icons on my mercenary's face ?
- The icon shows what the mercenary is equipped with.

Version A:
All available combinations.

Version B:
- gas mask
- night vision
- headphones
- gas mask and night vision
- gas mask and headphones
- night vision and headphones

# What is this "Number of days" option ?
- The player can decide how many days he wants to save the kidnapped girl. The available options are: 15, 20, 30, 40 and for beginners without limitations.

# How do I turn off random stats ?
- There are two ways to turn off the statistic randomization. The first way is global shutdown for all characters. The second way is to turn off only selected characters.
First method: Open the file "Data-Legion2 \ Legion2_Options.INI", look for the parameter "Par_los = TRUE" and set it to "Par_los = FALSE"
Second method: Go to the "Data-Legion2 \ TableData \ Profile" directory and open the "ini" file you are interested in. We are looking for the parameter "GEN2 = TRUE" and set it to "GEN2 = FALSE".

# How to disable uniform color randomization ?
- We can turn off uniform drawing in two ways. The first way is global shutdown for all characters. The second way is to turn off only selected characters.
Method one: Open the file "Data-Legion2 \ Legion2_Options.INI", look for the parameter "UNIFORM_LOS = TRUE" and set it to "UNIFORM_LOS = FALSE" (Only version 35)
Second method: Go to the "Data-Legion2 \ TableData \ Profile" directory and open the "ini" file you are interested in. We look for the parameter "GEN1 = TRUE" and set it to "GEN1 = FALSE".

# Several sectors are missing from the modification.
- Not all sectors were used in the modification. If we do not have access to a certain sector, this is how it should be.

# The squad noticed someone in the sector ... But there's no one there.
- This may be because there are ordinary civilians or animals in the sector. Ultimately, it could be a modification error.

# The number of enemy troops is not visible.
- This is not a game bug.

# I can't find the last enemy in the sector.
- This is a modification error. You can try to exit the sector and return to it. After such a procedure, the opponent should be available.

# White border problem.
- To fix this problem, we need to go to the "Data-Legion2" directory and delete the ja2.set file.

# The game crashes when you try to pick up some items or open the inventory.
- This is due to the modification of the COS 90X. I recommend playing without this add-on.

# Accessible roads for traveling by car.
- The map shows the sectors through which you can get to the other side of the river.

# Inaccessible sectors.
- The map shows inaccessible sectors and places through which it is impossible to enter the border sector. P - port.

# Why is there no self-defense?
- By default, the modification has self-defense disabled. There is no need to maintain sectors in L2. To enable self-defense set in the file Data-Legion2 \ Legion2_Options.INI, the parameter from BORDER_MILITIA = FALSE to BORDER_MILITIA = TRUE.

# Other game questions

# How to install mods ?
- I recommend installing modifications to the clean version of Jagged Alliance 2.

# How to start L2 v36 ?
- L2 can be launched in two ways.

### The first method (recommended for the less experienced)
- We start the modifications using the "starter.exe" program. You should see the following window. Now, from the "language and configuration" field, I select the appropriate language version.

### Second method (for advanced users)
- The second method is to open the JA2.ini file and add the selected configuration in "VFS_CONFIG_INI =":

VFS_CONFIG_INI=Data-Legion2\VFS\vfs_config.Legion2_PL.ini, Data-Legion2\VFS\vfs_config.Profil_Legion2_PL.ini

VFS_CONFIG_INI=Data-Legion2\VFS\vfs_config.Legion2_EN.ini, Data-Legion2\VFS\vfs_config.Profil_Legion2_EN.ini

VFS_CONFIG_INI=Data-Legion2\VFS\vfs_config.Legion2_RU.ini, Data-Legion2\VFS\vfs_config.Profil_Legion2_RU.ini

5. Some important information about the L2v38 game (https://legionmody.weebly.com/jagged-alliance-2-v113---legion-2-v38.html)

- The modification has improved tasks and new ones. New things were introduced that were designed on paper happy but were never implemented for modification, or were in the game and were not active (e.g .: npc characters, another sector of the wanted exit, scenes or random events that affect the main plot).
The L2v38 requires you to carry a laptop with you. If the mercenary loses his laptop or is badly damaged, he will not be able to access the Internet. There may be more laptops in the team. These are special AIM laptops. In the underground sectors, when moving in tactical mode, there will be no internet connection. The links will be dead, or the laptop icon will be locked when it is out of inventory. If the other team is on the surface and has a laptop and we enter tactical mode, internet access will be activated.
A photo or other item is required for the recruitment, which we will get from Alfred. If by any chance we did not get a photo or other item from Alfred, then you can e.g. get a photo by opening the file "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ scripts \ Legion2_LoadSavePatch.lua" and changing the entry:
            for a=0,254 do
                if ( FindSoldierTeam (a) == 0 ) then
                    AddItemToInventory (a, 4503, 6)                    
            for a=0,254 do
                if ( FindSoldierTeam (a) == 0 ) then
                    AddItemToInventory (a, 4503, 6)                    
- When we load the game, each mercenary in the team will get a photo in the other hand. Therefore, it is best if there is nothing else in it at that time. Then I go back to the file "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ scripts \ Legion2_LoadSavePatch.lua" and restore the brackets - [[and]] or delete the entry no longer necessary.
There is also an option to randomly disable / enable internet access. This only works on a strategic map when compressing time or travel. By default, this option is disabled. To enable it, go to the file "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ scripts \ GameInit.lua" and look for "local WYL_LAPTOP = false" and change to "local WYL_LAPTOP = true". We perform the activity when choosing a new game. However, if we are already playing, we open the file "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ scripts \ Legion2_LoadSavePatch.lua" and put the entry in the InitPatche () function:
    if ( CheckGlobalBool(300) == false ) then
        AddAdvancedStrategicEvent( 3, 97, 60*7, 0 )
        SetGlobalTrue (300)
If we want to make changes to the "Ja2_Options.ini" file, go to the "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \" directory. We perform the activity while playing in v1.13 mode. If we play in "Vanilla" mode, we make changes in the file "Data-Legion2 \ Addons \ Data-Vanilla \ Data-Files \".
In some cases, the person we have to escort (quests) will need an item that is required for the current quest. To give her such an item, we have to select it from our inventory, then hover the cursor over the character and give her the item. This person must already be joined to the team.

6. New files to modify the game

- The modification introduces new files and directories for their storage.
"Legion_data", "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ scripts \ Legion2_HandleNPCDoAction \", Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ scripts \ Legion2_Items \ and "Data-Legion2 \ Data-Files \ TableData \ Profile \".

- Legion_data - stores several graphic files
- Legion2_HandleNPCDoAction - stores action scripts for an NPC character
- Legion2_Items - stores new items. The Legion 2 v38 modification does not modify xml files with items. This makes it compatible with future v1.13 releases.
- Profiles - all new profiles. The Legion 2 v38 modification does not modify xml files with profiles. This makes it compatible with future v1.13 releases.

a ) ItemsNames.xml, MercNames.xml - The first stores the names of new items, the second stores the names of new characters
b ) Legion2_Options.ini - the file stores the modification configuration
c ) Legion2_Campaign Init.lua - file for defining alternative sectors. You do not need to edit the AltSectors.xml file.
d ) Legion2_GameEventHook.lua - the file performs events on the tactical map during time compression.
e ) Legion2_LoadSavePatch.lua - the file is executed when loading the game.
f ) Legion2_RPCFacesSmall.lua - the file defines new small faces. The Legion 2 v38 modification does not modify the RPCFacesSmall.xml file. This makes it compatible with future v1.13 releases.

There are also new features used in lua files. You can recognize them by the initial name "Legion2_".

7. Some informations from lua scripts.

Possible places/NPCs found in lua/xml files:

A15 - Mine, Tina
C7 - Chris, Karlos, Pilot
F8 - Bobi's Gang
F12/B4 - Thomas
G5-B1 - Robots
G12 (Napol) - Hacker
H12/H13 - Pacos
I8 - Rozu
I16, N5 - Bloodcats
J9 - Hidden base
K6, K8 or Napol - Alfred
L1 - Oswald (Alt. main quest ending)
L3 - Sentry, Border guards, Waldo, Informator
M3 - Tiger's hidden base, Bloody Tiger
N5 - Sailor
P4 - Jerry

sectornames = {
	-- Legion2
	["A16-1"] = "Bunker",
	["A16-2"] = "Bunker",
	["A16-3"] = "Bunker",
	["A15-1"] = "Cave",
	["A15-2"] = "Cave",
	["A15-3"] = "Cave",
	["E2-1"] = "Mine",
	["E2-3"] = "Mine",
	["C3-1"] = "Tunnel",
	["D3-1"] = "Tunnel",
	["E3-1"] = "Tunnel",

My early game (difficulty: Novice - it's hard but fun so far...)

K6 - Camp aka "Oboz"
K6 - Alfred
K8 - Guardhouse aka "Wartownia"
I8 Rozu - Alex to recruit (free merc)
G12 Napol - Fatima, Tony, Chris, Spike, Jack to recruit (free merc)
F12 Napol - Matt, Cleric to recruit (free merc)
N5 - old Sailor
N10 Gonez - Prot
O10 Gonez - Flint
F9 - Father John Walker
D8 - John (mechanic)
D7 - Herve, Rudolf
C7 Airport - Louis
B3 Hospital - Dr. Clifo
B4 - Thoms, Jake (small weapons seller), Simon, Pacos

to be continued...

I hope it will be helpfull for someone (for me it is).
Have fun.

[Updated on: Sun, 12 December 2021 13:39]

JA2 Vault (Repositories): https://pastebin.com/MJFckiaq
JA2 v1.13 - Starter Documentation: https://github.com/aimnas/1.13_starter_documentation
JA2 1.13 Hot Keys: https://pastebin.com/EHLMuk1k

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The download and info pages could do with an update on here, so thanks for some more recent details. If this is the same mod I played some time ago I found it almost impossible to survive the early stages of the game with a lot of merc starting gear being broken. Is that still the case? I think this would have been a couple of revisions ago.

Hopefully I can update some of the download stickies and threads here if you point me in the right direction.

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Re: Hints & tips to the L2 mod[message #362653 is a reply to message #362652] Sat, 13 March 2021 08:57 Go to previous message
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I'm going to start to play L2 today (I have a free time - at last).
I hope that all old problems were fixed by Jazz (one o the authors/main author [something like that] of the mod).

Anyway this is his official archived web page (this is for sure):

And here it is official download (main page at the bottom mega.nz):

Legion 2 + Update (r2275) (2016) (639MB 7zipped .iso file):

Ok, I found the credits (according to this: https://web.archive.org/web/20090422200920/http://www.legion.zone.zg.pl/doku.php/moje_modyfikacje/legion2_v113):

Jazz - Project \ coding \ titles \ faces


Moteel - character face designer, titles, beta tester (tested version <32),

Allard - loadscreen designer,

Translation Team - translation of modifications and website into the English version,

Scooly - website design and maintenance, beta tester (tested version <32),

KhoTaR - the content of the website (head of the Translation Team),

Randok - beta tester (tested version <32),

Olestchenko Dmitry - adaptation to the Russian version of JA. Translation of xml files,

Jobi - tester.

[Updated on: Sat, 13 March 2021 09:05]

JA2 Vault (Repositories): https://pastebin.com/MJFckiaq
JA2 v1.13 - Starter Documentation: https://github.com/aimnas/1.13_starter_documentation
JA2 1.13 Hot Keys: https://pastebin.com/EHLMuk1k

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