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I would like it if the camouflage was more complex, not just a camo kit. It would be nice to use branches, twigs, grass and other things that you just pick up off the ground and then use on your mercs. If you are in a heavily snowed area (e.g. Siberia), wearing white would make you nearly invisible.

As for stealth, the flash that your gun makes when firing should be taken into account as well as the noise it makes, so some ultra-stealthy situations will call for hand to hand warfare only.

Do you guys know if in real life a silencer stops the flash made when firing?
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afaik suppressors are used to avoid detection of the shooter. although the sound can be heard it is hard to pinpoit his location due to the suppressed muzzle flash.
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Doc Croc

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I think this is a good idea personally. It would be nice to see more types of camoflage (terrain specific that is), ghillie suits, and flash suppressors. As for stealth, I'm not really sure how well a sniper team would fare in h2h combat. Nothing against snipers but they usually work in two man fire teams and tend to be really reviled by the peoiple they stalk. Seemed to remember reading about how Vietnam era snipers were usually killed on sight. I think there should be more call for scout types who sneak around and excell in h2h combat though, so long as they do not add a class system to the new game.
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Well, using knives and hand to hand would work pretty well in stealth killing I guess.

Though, you can't really beat the crap out of someone with your bare hands and expect them not to make a sound.

That why people tend to use one hand to cover the victims mouth while using the other one to cut their thoat. Whether they scream or bite your hand makes little diffrence then

(I saw that in movies and games, though)

As for being stealthy and killing silently... Well, I've been playing far too many Ninja games for my own good. And I'd say most people don't carry swords anymore. Then again, I don't know how many people carry concealed weaponry normally. And I'm pretty sure silencers are illegal.

Killing silently and moving stealthily sounds really difficult.
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as far as camo and stealth went it would make nite ops so much more important. and other than jus knifes "cheese-wire" could b an option or even poision to mix things up a bit

suppressors and silencers are interchangeable, but they never completly remove the sound but cut out the flash

the ability to climb other objects, trees etc.
im not sre how, but ambushes and other forms of gurellia warfar would b interesting
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Camo kit is nice, like pavel said, too plain. Need some more improvements and I saw the Ghillie suit in the games, why dont the person who wore it change the appearance of that particular person?

of course, I know it might be a bit hard but hey, worth trying right? beside, the Ghillie suit in the game there written no effect even after wearing it... so for what the merc wear it while it only give a very low armour protection and no effect on or part of the camo??

Sorry if i type something not nice, but i only hope the game getting better. Sory again if i make any mistekes.
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