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Yesterday i killed Kingpin for the first time, afterwards i searched some guides and FAQs of how it's supposed to be done and didnt find my tactic described, so i though i might share it here, and it might even end up on JA2 galaxy or a guide update or at least i'll entertain some readers.
(note that its in JA2Gold, v1.12)

First of all note that i killed Kingpin on day 5 of the game, which is only because i got my squad pretty injured when taking Chitzena.
The squad consists of my own merc, Henry (simple high MRK/AGI and a bit medical), Buzz, Thor, Steroid and Barry.
Second i stole Kingpins money from his mine when passing trough San Mona for the first time (i think that was on day 2 or 3).
Somewhere after dealing with Chitzena and healing/repairing afterwards i got his email that he wants his money back or will chase you.
The chasing is a pain in the ass if you let it come to that, but it does open Kingpin's mansion to your squad, and getting inside the house is crucial.
When getting to San Mona, speak to the fellow at the door and he'll let you in and move north of the couch in the room.

Bring in your squad, and place them all in the bathroom in the southeast of the building, make sure there are no enemies inside that room, there maybe some near the door, but none inside.
Position your forces in a straight line from the door, the squares to the right of them will make them visible to the enemy. (also do not use the square up and right of the open door, it can be shot at trough the window)
Next get your EXP expert (Barry in my case) and take about 3 TNTs with detonators (you should have about 4 or 5 if you didnt use any) with him.
Place one TNT at kingpin, timed on 4, run to the bodyguard (Devin) and place a 2nd TNT at him, timed on 3. Place another one south of the couches, left of the wall, timed at 1 (usually there'll be a lot of goons standing there). Now take Barry to the bathroom where your squad is (ASAP!), and if you have time you can even close the door.
Do this all very fast, timed such that the explosions start when your just inside the room, preferably 2 out of 3 (with Kingpins one) at the same time. It might take your 3 or 4 tries to get this right, due to movement. (Use Shift and X to get to correct locations and past enemies fast)

The explosions should take care of any goons nearby, and put Kingpin and Devin to at least critical.
Next open the door, or step one square to the right/down with your experienced merc (in my case Buzz) to take some burts shots at the closest enemies and step back. Alternately wait for them to open the door or stand in front of it, and take the Interrupts by killing them. Try to make sure there's no enemy in sight at the end of your turn, or you might get pretty screwed (definitely at this early stage of the game). Check often (every two turns or so) to see if you wont be getting 3 enemies at the same time, and if you do burst some from the spot position.

After some time they will stop advancing on the bathroom, keep using the rightmost line of squares to spot and shoot enemies, until you're sure there's noone there anymore, and crawl out. i suggest you do this prone, since there will still be some goons around the house, and maybe Kingpin and Devin are still on critical, crawl to the window on the right to take out those outside, and crawl to the middle wall with 2 mercs, and advance slowly left to spot Kingpin and shoot him down in one or two shots to the head. Same goes for Devin (who in my experience will either lie at the destroyed couches, or just outside left of the door)

Now you'll only have to mop up the area, go around buildings to sandwich enemies on the road, and crawl up to windows of the two nearby square houses, to cross burst the ones inside.
Advance on the bar from the left side, there's more trees there, and the Bar bodyguard (Spike) will be to the right of his door.
You can get very close to Spike if you come from the left side, and the goons in the bar will simply wander trough the door for your interrupts. Spike can be bursted easily.

Note that this was done on Novice, so that might make some difference, on the other hand, it's done when not even all 5 squadmembers have range20 guns.

This seems pretty good to me, although i lose the barfighting possibilities it allows me 50k early in the game, and gave me a Steyr, 2 commandos and 2 MP5-3's, along with ammo and a bit of Kevlar armor.

Visual of the bathroom set-up:
with W=Wall, 1-5 are merc positions, X is the dangerous position that will allows shots trough the window, and the S spots are the ones that will make you look into the main room and shoot at Kingpins goons. The merc positions are safe,as are those behind them, but they allow for fewer shots.
Of course watch out with bursting your own squad.
Mercs 2 and 4 (Buzz and Custom) are best for spotting in the S spaces, while you should (at least) keep 1 and 3 for interrupts during opponents turn.

how i hate fonts with different character lengths and no spacing, anyway, write the visual on a paper, it's 7 characters long...[/edit]
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:wave: What happens, when I kill all of his extreme fighters in the ring? Are they replaced or is Darren idle afterwards?

My trouble is, that I have wasted one of them accidentially. Now I think about killing them all and look, whether they are replaced. Has anyone done this before?

Edit: Do not bother. The game crashes, when Darren initiates the fight of a the non-existent fighter. Sad

Edit2: The game will not crash, if there is some civilian at the spot, where the non-existent fighter is supposed to stand. Still only two extreme fights... The replacement-civilian does not enter the ring. :headbanger:
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I have done the bit with the bathroom...but I have found going in at night an awsome combat experience.

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