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Q1. When you were you're young, you most wanted to be:
1. Bruce Lee / Lara Croft - Martial Arts
2. Clint Eastwood / Madonna - Loner
3. Rocky / Michelle Yeoh - Hand to Hand
4. Houdini / Catwoman - Lockpicking
5. Terry Bradshaw / Joan of Arc - Throwing
6. The president - Optimist

Q2. A Punk teenager ahead of you in line sucks at darts. You:
1. Teach him how to do it - Teaching
2. Sneakily win for him - Stealthy
3. Bash his head in - Psycho
4. Ask the other attendant - Friendly

Q3. A guy leaves $1M in a locker and leaves. You:
1. Pick the lock - Lockpicking
2. Go crazy and shoot the lock off - Arrogant
3. Follow and ambush him in the dark - Stealthy
4. Call the police - Normal

Q4. You own a pickup truck from Tennesse. It has:
1. Semiautomatic rifles for those really aggressive deer - Auto. Weapons
2. A peace sign - Friendly
3. A confederate flag - Normal
4. A silhouette of a naked woman / A bumper stick that reads "Keep honking, I'm reloading" - Asshole
5. A cartoon character with two guns - Loner

Q5. Barney should be:
1. Worshipped as a role model - Coward
2. Hung - (Nothing)
3. Hung and shot - Aggressive
4. Hung, shot, gutted and run over - (Nothing)

Q6. A burglar is in your house. After dialing 911, you:
1. Scream, loudly and repeatedly - Coward
2. Greet him with a knife - Night Ops
3. Hide under the bed - Claustrophobic
4. Run away - (Nothing)
5. Go crazy with a gun - (Nothing)

Q7. You can take 1 item from a looting-in-progress of an Army surplus store. You take:
1. A computer, minus manuals - Eletronics
2. A set of survival knifes - Knifing
3. A pair of night vision goggles - Night Ops
4. Bob, the night clerk - (Nothing)

Q8. You're applying for a position at a butcher shop. To improve your chances you:
1. Show your skills with two blades - Ambidexterous
2. Lie - (Nothing)
3. Do nothing and arrive confident - Optimist
4. Pratice on nearby pets - Psycho

Q9. Your wife / husband is 3 hours late. You:
1. Don't notice - Forgetful
2. Don't care - (Nothing)
3. Get suspicious - Pessimist
4. Worry - Nervous

Q10. You live next door to a frat / sorority house with frequent parties. You:
1. Feel you're too old for this - (Nothing)
2. Get suspicious of your spouse - Pessimist
3. Get revenge - Asshole
4. Do nothing in fear of retaliation - Nervous

Q11. You are behind a slow guy on a highway with no way to pass. You fantasize:
1. That you push "R" for rocket launcher - (Nothing)
2. That you open up a driving school to teach people the RIGHT way - Teaching
3. That your car is equipped with a ramming device - Aggressive
4. That all your swears could be loudly transmitted to him - Normal
5. That Mario Andretti takes his license from him - (Nothing)

Q12. Tough you don't really endorse violence, you would pay $1k to see the fight of:
1. Jakie Chan vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme - Martial Arts
2. Crocodile Dundee vs. Tarzan - Knifing
3. Barbie vs. Godzilla - (Nothing)
4. The NRA vs. Congress - Auto. Weapons
5. Mike Tyson vs. The Incredible Hulk - Hand to Hand
6. Bill Gates vs. Robocop - Eletronics
7. Your mate vs. the defens. line of Washington Redskins - (Nothing)
8. No really. I do endorse violence - (Nothing)

Q13. During the summer, you think:
1. And that's more than you can say for yourself in other seasons - Forgetful
2. Your kids are driving you crazy - Normal
3. Revealing fashions are a good thing - Normal
4. It's too damn hot - Heat Intolerant

Q14. You absolutely will not:
1. Sit in an airplane circling in a holding pattern for two hours - Claustrophobic
2. Admit that you were ever turned on by a comic book character - Normal
3. Walk through the desert for a week - Heat Intolerant
4. Do software development - (Nothing)

Q15. You're a major league pitcher, famous for your:
1. Accurate pitching - Throwing
2. Switch hitting - Ambidexterous
3. Enormous bat - Arrogant
4. Continual requests for a larger salary - (Nothing)

Q16. You are one of the survivors of a plane crash in the mountains. You:
1. Lead the expedition to seek help - (Nothing)
2. Declare yourself chef, and check on that heavyset woman you saw earlier - (Nothing)
3. Commit mass suicide - (Nothing)
4. Find the bar cart and organize one last drunken blowout - (Nothing)


Every character has an attitude that describes their personality. Several of these alter the way events affect morale. For example, killing an enemy soldier causes a "positive" event, while friendly casualties cause "negative" events. (In addition to the factors below, "negative" events are adjusted by -1 if you're at level 1 or +1 if you're above level 5.)


Morale +1 on positive events. Double morale penalty for running away from a fight.


No effect during game.


No effect during game. (This is the actual term that appears in the source code.)

big shot: [can't get from quiz]

No effect during game.


Morale -2 on negative events. No penalty for running from a fight.


No effect during game.


No effect during game.


No effect during game.


Morale +1 on positive and negative events.


Morale -1 on positive and negative events.
Characters can have a personality trait, which is generally negative, though there is an upside to "psycho".


Morale declines and fewer action points are available while underground. Can cause verbal complaints.

fear of insects: [can't get from quiz]

Morale and action points decline when character sees an insect (i.e. the subterranean bugs in sci-fi mode). Can cause verbal complaints.


Occasionally, when told to move from point A to point B, your character will stop and ask for directions. Dimitry is an example of a forgetful character.


No effect during game. Can cause verbal complaints.


Soldier does poorly when left alone. Don't put them in a squad by themselves, far from friends, or morale plummets.

non-swimmer: [can't get from quiz]
Does poorly in deep water (runs out of breath 5x as fast). Can cause verbal complaints.


Character is normal.


Soldier gets a to-hit bonus when attacking the same target repeatedly. Small chance of switching from single-shot to burst fire ("Buzz goes psycho"), especially on non-targeted shots. Can cause verbal remarks.
Un-hired mercenaries have a small chance of dying each day. Forgetful, nervous, or psycho mercs are more likely to die, while stealthy mercs are less likely.

Info extracted from: http://www.fadden.com/techmisc/ja2/index.htm

Patusco's JA2 Strategy Guide

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Sexism: Affects morale when a merc gets married (e.g Darrel Jr.) IIRC

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Thanks Lucas-san!

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I thought Friendly meant you got a bonus talking to NPCs?

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great list lucas-san , how long did you study to be a master jagod?

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I've spent 1 and half year reading all the JA2 guides plus the my personal experiments with all AIM and MERC personel and Arulco population

Originally posted by Marlboro Man:

I think your the only person that I know of around here, that has, killed poked stabbed thrashed beaten shot kicked punched flailed toasted torched blown up severed sliced slapped fragged bit chewed spit on clawed and gutted, every person in Arulco at least once.
About my personal experiences, let's just say that Razor and Haywire play soccer with Hans Vanderkilt head, heh. :biglaugh:

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Night-Ops Expert: 6-4-4-2 2-4-3-3 2-1-1-3 2-4-3-1
Night-Ops Martial artist: 6-4-4-2 2-4-3-3- 2-1-1-1 2-4-3-1

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