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I think Biff is the most irritating, but Stephen can compete with him... I don't like Trevor, Scope, Thor, and the weaker MERCs, like Haywire, Flo or Gumpy. I don't like Meltdown either.
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Flo is the best Candidate to The Hicks Farm harem, and yes Reaper has some quotes that just does not compare. He is supposed to be some kind of an incredible killer, then again with some stupid lines that does not sound like the likings of this man.

Honestly, Flo gets you a 10% difference in regards to deals with Tony. For sales, she gets you 10% more and for purchases you pay 10% less. In a single large bulk sale to Tony, she can more than make up for her pay. Before I was aware of this little known fact (It's 10% exactly, I've done examples, did the math on it. Yet to see how she does with Keith or Devon or others), I also used to resign her to the Hicks Farm Harem.

However, thanks to 1.13, I now have far a far BETTER alternative for the Hicks Farm Harem - Laura.

Her voice is, like all the Wildfire specific mercs, outright horrid. I really wish they had new voices done for them, as stuff done for the JA2 mercs in 1999, even the voice files for the old JA1/DG mercs is far..*FAR* superior to the Wildfire mercs. Spooky even has great sound files, very fitting. I don't get how the Wildfire company could do such an abysmal job. Her Dooky Dooky voice is annoying, and her lines make no sense. Stretches and pushups? And all the Wildfire mercs always have the same line about needing to work as a team.

Grace's sound files are..better. Better enough to put her above Laura. So, Laura gets wed off to the Hicks. The other Wildfire mercs, get assigned as frontline bullet magnets.

But Flo? Her voice is more tolerable, and she wins by virtue of her mercantile skills.
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1.13 also gives you a whole host of new, utterly useless DG chicks that ended up with MERC. Laura at least has some combat skills (AW, wasn't it?) and while the WF voices aren't that great, they are tolerable enough being from a mod* and I find that over-dramatized hate some people display for them funny.

*Yes, WF was a mod that somehow ended up being sold. Also, they found actual people to do them and didn't use late nineties text2voice software.

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