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Registered:November 2009
Location: Houston

So, anyone edit themselves or someone in here into their game yet?
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Registered:July 2006
Location: People riding polar bears...
I'd be into doing some voice work if our new mercs got their own site. A blend between MERC and AIM, if you will. Something like JA1's AIM. Everything from poor to excellent stats in all price groups.
I think it was Logisteric (correct me if I'm wrong) who proposed a new-merc project some time back but it never got off the landing pad due to people pulling out or whatever. This time, I'm willing to commit. 1.13's advances have proven that new mercs won't be a problem and recording some dialogue (now matter how bad YOU think it is) is NOT hard work.

Anyone up for such a thing?

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Registered:April 2011
Location: North Italy
Name: Carlo R.

Nick: 27z

Sex: Male

Nationality: Italian

Body: Regular Male

health: 80 - Well, I've no disases, strong allergies or else

agility: 65 - I was more agile few years ago... Now I should go on a diet :uhh: (as Wolf did!Very Happy)

dexterity: 60 - I have some ability whith my hands, but not very high.

strenght: 45 - not very strong...

leadership: 55 - well, not a leader, but I have some knowledge about teaching and I have a lot of patience when I deal with people.

wisdom: 82 - I usually learn fast at school :nerd:, but I'm not genius.

marksmanship: 20 - ok ok, I have no true experience with firearms. However, when I throwing something or play a shoot'em up I'm not bad.

mechanical: 25 - basic info about mechanical tools and computer things. (:compsmash:)

explosives: 10 - When I was a child I really liked the fireworks ... and inflammable things. Very Happy

medical: 25 - I frequented a first aid course and I have some general knowledge.

level: 1 - :bravo:

Major skills: none - Duh!

Minor Skill: Stealty (I like to surprise people XD); Teaching; Ambidexterity.

trait: Optimistic

Disabilities: none

sexism: gentleman

Racist: not racist

appearance: Black pants, Black (or red) shirt, pale skin and blonde.

equipment: mmh... a Beretta pistol or a Hunter rifle (I have no firearm, but Beretta headquarter is not far from my house)

likes: Ira, Buns, Wolf, Grunty

learns to like: Spider, Barry, Nails

hates: Bubba

learns to hate: Conrad

Salary AIM: 300 Daily / 1800 1 week/ 3000 2 weeks

Salary MERC: 120 Daily

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Stanley Freeman

Registered:February 2016
Location: Holland
I'm new here, and this thread has been inactive for quite some time, but I love it. Just as I love the game.

Name: Stanley "Freeman" Freeman

Sex: Male

Body: Average Male

health: 89 - I am very healthy, but I smoke sometimes. My pain threshold is very high.

Agility: 67 - pretty agile, and stealthy, but I'll get to that.

Dexterity: 84 - Very consistend and accurate in my work.

Strength: 64 - Below average I know, but I can work on it. Aren't very motivated to work on it though...

Leadership: 62 - Usually a leader in my work, supervising.

Wisdom: 86 - I am pretty smart, problem resolving is my specialty. However I won't be so arrogant to put in a bigger number.

Marksmanship: 93 - In my former hometown was at a local sportsclub (shooting range) one of the absolute best. With virtually every weapon. Not ambidextrious though.

Mechanical: 86 - I can strip and maintain all sorts of firearms and I can install computer parts, but not really software writer. And not really a car mechanic but I can do a bit of tinkering. Also, most construction work I am up for, so after taking care of Dedrianna I will stay in Arulco and rebuild every building if Enrico and Miguel will have me.

Explosives: 67 - Dit some pretty stupid stuff when I was younger, and have a bit of chemical training. We dutchman celebrate newyear eith fireworks, and back in 2007-2008 I made a quite impressive bomb. Made it with a couple of ounces of black gunpowder, and various enflamable liquids in secondary chamber of the wooden encasement. Added a homemade electronic detonater and 200 meters of wire to detonate at a sfe distance. Took out more of the forest than intended, was quite a show.

Medical: 23 - I've got basic medical training, and I can preform CPR.

Level: 2 - I haven't got official military experience but imagine I can hold my own. Experience playing paintball off cource, and quite a good shot.

Skills: Stealthy, Night Opps

Trait: Pessimist

Attitude: Friendly

Sexism: Sexist, and a bit pretentious

Appearance: Average

Equipment: Thopson M1A1 with silencer, full set of spectra armor (wishlist, but probably just kevlar)

Likes: Hitman, Len, Trevor, Miguel and Carlos

Learns to like: Magic, Dimitri and Stephen

Hates: Buns, Meltdown, Buzz and Ira

Learns to hate: Flo, Scope, Raven, Spider, Fox and Vicky


Contacting for hiring: "This is Freeman. How can I be of service?"

Hiring:"Okay, for how long?"

If you wait a bit: "Are you certain you want to engage in a contract to make use of my services?"
After hire: "Agreed. I'll start packing right now"

Going to empty sector: "In position. What do you want me to do?"

Going to enemy-occupied sector: "Enemy presence."

Kill: "One down."

Blowin' head: "Great, I loved this shirt. Brain goo all over it."

Enemy sighted: "Contact!"

Too many enemies: "Dammit, quite a lot of contacts."

Out of ammo: "Need to reload."

Gun jam: "Shoot! Or rather not shoot. My gun jammed."

Close call: "That one was close."

Under heavy fire: "Taking heavy fire! Need help!"

Bleeding: "I need bandaging. Now."

Dying: "This does not feel very good. Need help - NOW!"

Some enemies left, unfound: "This sector is not clear yet."

Enemies fled: "I guess they've got other engagements."

Enemies killed: "Every enemy has been killed in this sector. Lets see what spoils of war await us."

Task completed: "All set. Next assignment please, or do you want me to sit on my hands?"

Out of breath: "I feel a bit winded here."

On pickup of a really good item: "Jackpot! Can I keep it? Please?"

Encounters likable NPC: "This individual is an asset to the world."

Encouters dislikable NPC: "Wow. Somewhere there is a tree making oxigen for you. I think you owe that tree an apology."

Bloodcats encouter: "Dammit, that's a big cat. I hope it's not hungry."

Bloodcat kill: "It's pelt will look awesome in front of my fireplace."

Crepitus first encouter: "What in the hell is that?"

Crepitus next encouter: "Another one of those - things."

Crepitus sector chatter: "I think those - things may be close"

Crepitus kill: "Are we absolutely sure it's dead?"

Crepitus queen kill: "Okay, that giant thing is take care of. What is that green jelly that it's leaking? Let's collect it with jars."


War does not determine who is right — only who is left.
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