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Please make an effort read these before posting. We'll try to update this FAQ with new issues on a regular basis.


1) Help, I have a black screen after intro movie and the game freezes.
There's an issue with a file getting corrupted. We have issues a quick and dirty patch, called "Black Screen Patch". Looks in "Downloads and Patches". Here

2) Help, the installer reports I am missing all the files BUT I've downloaded them!!
Due to a FilePlanet bug, Mozilla compatible browsers (all except IE, it seems) truncate the filenames. So instead of UC_UNI_0001.ZIP you will have _UNI_001.ZIP... If that happens, just rename your files, adding the missing UC in front. Check the download thread for correct names. Here

3)Do I need to patch my JA2 before installing UC?
No. You need a full, fresh install of 1.03.

4) Is UC compatible with the ja2 Gold version?
There's no official support for that, but yes, it should work.

5) My mercs are unarmed when entering Danubia!
Indeed they are. Next time YOU travel on a comercial plane, try taking an AK-47 with you and see if you can get past Customs.

6) Hey, uhm, I get shot to pieces in the subways.
So don't go there yet... Or at least check the Subway map to know where you will end up. Here

7) My game hangs on exit.
Confirmed bug. We'll fix it if possible.

Cool My weapons show up with strange pictures and I did everything by the book (ran the game from a desktop shortcut).
The desktop shortcut mentioned in the installer isn't created, so you just ran your old ja2. Please use JA2_UC.exe from the game folder to start your game.

9) Hey, I used the subway to go from Calisto to Drake, and I can't come back!
Due to some technical matter which cannot be solved, both Drake and Port Kip subway stations are labeled "Drake" below the minimap. Drake station is the only one built with bricks, and Port Kip station has "Port Kip" written on the floor. So you are in Port Kip actually.

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Many thanks to Ibo for these posters.


Also an 800X600 wallpaper (Different design to above pic)

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