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JA2 UC Patch from Dr Quack.[message #50192] Thu, 29 July 2004 22:00

Registered:August 2001
Location: Sydney Australia.
Dr Quack has created a patch which alters various weapon & item values.
His readme which is reproduced below.
If you are interested visit his site to download. File is a 184K self extracting .RAR if the changes described suit your tastes.
Download links provided.
Many thanks to our good doctor for his donation.

I have finally brought my personal Urban Chaos edit to a publishable stage.

The direct download is here: ucc.exe

(from this micro-site in case you're wondering)

I'll just quote the readme here, it explains the deal fairly well. Any questions, comments etc are welcome!

* abstract

an edit to the Urban Chaos for Jagged Alliance 2. Target: increased difficulty by making the mod work better with the hardcoded JA2 engine limits.

* general

These are just my personal preferences that I play the game with. Kudos to the mod squad for giving JA2 a fantastic graphical facelift. Though I like to play JA2 as a roleplaying game with character development (and not the cowpunching either). As the JA2 engine is today, there are a number of problems with it. The combat engine is not particularly good, the greatest weakness is probably the range stat which will make a gun long ranged but also way too accurate. Mercs also tend to develop their skills way too quickly, so that you get a squad of supermen without even doing much for it. This is especially true with the increased numbers of enemies in UC.

* Major nerfing of mercs

Goodbye overpowered right from the start mercenaries. Pretty much everyone has had their Wisdom and Marksmanship lowered to enable some character development again. Everybody has had their starting level lowered by at least 1. They will ask for more money too. Bastards.

* Guns rebalanced

Goodbye super long ranges. You can still do headshots and everything, it's just necessary to do some extra aiming again. Don't expect the Range stat to represent any realism. Strictly speaking, anything that can mount a sniper scope is a sniper rifle in JA2, because you can do safe headshots with it. Ranges above 28 are always outside the visual range of mercs and constitute only an (unnecessary) bonus to the accuracy. Rather, divide the gun's range by three and you have the tile range that it can shoot without incurring some kind of small malus.

The pistols, SMGs and shotguns should now be a good way to keep some decent lowrange firepower at low AP cost. They should stay good long into the campaign and make good sidearms. Pure assault rifles now take the middle ground with medium values for burst size and AP cost. LMGs are not the ultimate killer anymore. A squad with just those will find themselves in trouble though they are indispensable in the endgame.

In general, the fighting will be at closer ranges, running the risk to get really shot up for a change. Don't worry I play only day-ops so it's not that bad. And there's always the Crepagen to help out with some healthpoints. On the other hand, Crepaboost has really proved itself in either getting out of trouble quickly or as a running aid for the battlefield medic.

* some armor rebalance

EOD stuff now has very good protection but will crumble quickly. The others may be a bit less powerful and heavier, who knows. In any case the steel helmet is another thing that will probably take a light bullet but does get nearly destroyed by it.

* miscellaneous

Grenades are lighter and can be thrown further.

fixed zeroweights and other misc bugs. You can kill Claudia and stack everything without bad consequences again.

Regards from ...
Dr Quack :doctor:
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