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The Dog Of War

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I'm playing SOG 69 and I wanted to use a few cheats so I downloaded the UB Cheat trainer But I can't get it to work It's a ver1.0 but It still dosen't work
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Don't make me fry you in a pan, wardog. Play on easy difficulty if starting a cheat is too hard for you, easy it's meant for children Smile
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i never liked trainers or cheats using "hotkeys" like the gabbi thing. so i dont use those much. maybe if i am bored but when playing it seriously i would rather use the old's school cheat way.
and that's by the use of editors. i do use hex editors once in a while but i noticed that more
and more savegames are actually protected with hex editing nowadays. hex editing savegames are becoming extinct. you cannot easily change attributes or money or life values so easy anymore. gone are the days of Dune 2, UFO: enemy unknown, or UFO2, UFO3, or Jagged Alliance (the original)that we can edit our soldiers and money without the game really knowing it. it's so much fun that way. it's cheating but it's not obvious.

that's why thanks very much for the JAPE editor from douglas greiman (duggelz2@comcast.net), i enjoyed playing the Jagged Alliance 2 game. However, as i have already beat the game, i am now playing
the expansion, "unfinished business" and i have ran a very extensive search on
savegame editors for "unfinished business" and i am surprised as i can't find any on the net.

did sir-tech allotted a lot of R&D in their budget to encrypt their savegames more complicated?

i tried hex editing the savegame itself. much to my surprise they actually changed the extention
of .sav games to .sve games. something is fishy right there. and so i tried editing the money but
alas it did not work. note that the JAPE editor does not work anymore on the JA2:Unfinished Business savegames so did is really bad.
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Hi msl25, The posts you replied to were from 2005, this is why you didn't see anyone replying to them.

The save game editor works only on some versions of JA2, definitely not 1.13. Also hex editing doesn't work, hence the editor.

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