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Registered:January 2004
Location: USA
I am taking a break from playing UC and am working back through DL. I have the JA 1.06 patch and the DL quick fix patch installed. I am running windows XP. I keep getting a bunch of crashed to the desk top while playing the game and was wondering if there was any hints out in the JA community on if I can do anything to help prevent the crashes. I have a bunch of crash reports that I could e-mail out. The line in the report reads that "The thread tried to divide an integer value by an integer divisor of zero."

I don't recall this many crashes from playing UC.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hope that all is well with everyone:)
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Jack Funk

Registered:August 2004
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Wow. I have had no problems with DL at all. The thing is I run Windows ME. I wonder if XP is the problem. You may want to search the archive for Windows XP and see if something turns up.

I searched and found this thread (there are others that may be helpful):
DL and XP

Basically, try disabling Norton Antivirus if you are using it. It has helped some people.
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Hey Jack Funk

Thanks for the response. I tried to search the Bear Pit forms for information and even reinstalled the game following the advise in the thread by "Someone Here" titled Having problems... and am still experiencing multiple crashes. I have tried disabling the antivirus program and still get the same results:( The crashes seem to come most when I am in the world map, am using Skyrider, and try to put mercs into squads and/or compressing time.

I just about done with meduna, just took the airport and am having a ball with the game. The crashes are annoying and I am making quite a few saves in the game. I guess I am practicing patience and persistence with the situation.

I am going to try and do it with the JA2 Gold install next and see what happens. I will try a more exhaustive search of the database. I had few problems when I was running windows 95 and windows ME in playing JA. XP can be a test of one character:)

Thanks for the help and have a happy day:)
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Rude Dog

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Location: Chasing Pussy
Did you load the game over the original 1.03 version? Way back when we did the thing, That was the latest version out. Remember it was made about FIVE years ago! IIRC.

I'm thinking it might be that you have it loaded over the 1.06 version.
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Registered:January 2004
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Rude Dog

Thanks for the response. Initially, I followed the instructions from the JA Galaxy web page and took it as meaning that you needed the 1.06 patch installed to play the game. Spending some time checking out the threeads in the forum, I tried a few different combimations of installing the 1.07 patch and using the combinations of the JA gold and it upgrade to 1.12. Same results of the crashing to desk top. I believe that my most recent install was the JA 1.03 vanilla, to which I installed the DL mod, the DL quichfix and still got the same kind of results:(

Regardless of the crashes, I really enjoyed replaying the mod and intend to play it though again after I finish my current 1.13 game. I am kind of excited to upack the upgrade 1.13 of 6/27 and see what goodies are there.

When i reinstall the DL mod, I will intentionally insure that I use the JA 1.03 and the DL Mod, along with the qucik fix. I am curious to see if the crashes continue. Most times the crashes game when I had a squad exiting the helicopter and was trying to put them into a squard assignment, wheich I had a squad moving between sectors, and occasionally in tactical during a firefight. The first two scenarios by far were the most frequent.

I did collect a bunch of crash reports if someone would have the time and where with all to figure them out.

DL is a great mod and has much fun play.

Again, thanks for the response and I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday weekend:)
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Registered:September 2007
Location: Norway
wazzup with DL... I am getting alot of CTD playing the game, gotta be something wrong with my install...
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I think my issues with DL started when I switched from Windows ME to Windows XP. I just learned to save alot more than I use too and avoid ironman playing.
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